Flynn sick

I got the phone call.

Flynn needed to be picked up from day care. He was sick.

I rescheduled my coaching clients and took a breather to make a cup of chai tea to take with me.

It was after all shaping up to be quite a strange day.

It started with a morning sess of yoga, which was absolute bliss.

Then went downhill faster than an aerial skier ready to take flight.

Lunches had to be made, Flynn had to get ready for day care, and then I had to rush around tidying the bits and pieces before the cleaner came (ha ha , don’t pretend like you don’t do that too).

I opened the door to see one very upset Flynn.

I picked him up and he promptly vomited all over me,

Chunks of white smelly cheese like stuff all over me.

I started to gag.

Thankfully I had worn my cami under my top this morning, so I take off one layer and start dabbing with a face washer and some soap.

I get Flynn into the car and he’s out to sleep before I can get into the front seat.

My whole day has changed.

It’s become one of towel changes, Panadol, essential oils in the diffuser and the movie Cars.

Sometimes life can feel like that right?

It feels like you’re skiing down hill fast. Anxiety has you racing to the top of the ski jump, your heart is beating loudly like a drum in your throat and you’re hoping, no praying, you’ll land well.

Landing well after all means to take that leap into that new job, move to that new fabulous location, sign up for that university course or perhaps take the guts to speak to that cute guy next door.

It may simply be knowing how to manage your anxiety midst attack so that you can slow down your breath enough to gather your thoughts and make clear decisions.

Maybe your anxiety has thrown up all over you.

It smells like cheese.

It’s not good.

Perhaps, you start to clean it out with a face towel and a bit of soap. You try a little bit of kinesiology or yoga. Maybe you have counselling or up your vitamin B’s more.

And that my darling is SO AWESOME!

But it comes a time where you know you want more than that.

To be able to accept the day as it is. To be able to put everything aside and to be ok with whatever the day brings to you.

To be able to shower off and face the day without anxiety running down your shoulder like vomit.

You can do it.

Say ‘no’ to things that drain you.

Say ‘yes’ to the good coffee, even if people tsk you because ‘it’ll effect your anxiety.’

Daggy dance in the lounge room without worrying about your wobbly bits.

Call a friend who may be suffering anxiety even more than you and then cheer one another one.

Admit it’s ok to use medication if needed.

And know that if you do, it doesn’t mean you failed, it means you are STILL more than enough.

It’s ok to reach out for help.

In fact, asking for help is awesome!

Overnight trips away can recharge the spirit (including the Pina Colada kind right?)

And anxiety is just a message for you.

It doesn’t want to hurt you.

It loves you.

And its desire is for you to lean in and listen to what it has to say to you BUT to also filter out the lies it tells you too.

Find moments today where you can lean in.

Drink the chai.

Eat the good chocolate.

And Live.

Seriously live, dear one.

Cause you are so worth it.






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