• I’ve got that loving feeling

    freedom and balloonsHey Hey Lovely. The past two weeks I’ve been starting off the week by writing 3 new habits I wanted to incorporate into my week and then ways I could make sure these happened each day.  My three habits of recent were to journal, read a book (for fun), and connect with God.

    How I hope to achieve this is by using one of Flynn’s naps to journal or read and during one feed listen to a podcast and connect with God through prayer, song or whatever I feel like at the time.

    It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. Each day becoming a personal ground hog day.

    So how can we combat that icky feeling?

    By incorporating good self care habits and through serving others.

    I’m pretty good with looking after myself as such. My guilty pleasures are body products, massages and facials. What I’m not so good at is switching off.

    When I went through my trials many moons ago now, I busied myself. I covered up my pain through work, food, music, drinking…you name it. I didn’t want to leave a minute to think about the pain or to process it.

    But here’s the thing. We need to process that stuff.

    We need to dig right to the core of our being and figure out what God wants to do through us in the pain.

    It’s sucky right when we go through bad things. But being loving and getting a real grip of that loving feeling is important.

    So how can we do that?