Your heart is racing and the room is spinning. You sit on the closest chair and ground your feet to the floor. You place your face in your hands. They’re clammy, cold and wet. The questions start coming at you ‘What triggered this anxiety attack?’ ‘I thought everything was ok,’ ‘Why can’t I just be less crazy?’ and ‘What can I do to move forward in my life and not have anxiety grip me with fear each and every day of my life?’

Mirror Mirror on the wall do you see yourself in this statements at all:

  • You feel like you’re crazy. No one understands you.
  • You want to be able to communicate your wants and needs clearly but you’ve got brain fog thanks to your anxiety/depression.
  • You have meltdowns when your schedule has been upset, when people are late (or you’re late), you’re put on the spot, get stuck in traffic, or when you’re given too much information at once. (Like this sentence).
  • You use the toilet at work to get respite.
  • You can’t switch off your mind. It’s going ALL DAY LONG.
  • You fill your day with ‘stuff’ because then you won’t have to process how you’re actually feeling.


I’m here to help!

When you sign up for FREE to become a V.I.P member you get instant access to the Freebie Vault which is full of resources to help soothe your anxiety, tools to guide you with your decision making process, journal prompts, affirmations and prayers.

The Freebie Vault is currently worth $400 and climbing!

The Free Anxiety Toolkit includes the following E-Books and Worksheets:

unhermityourself-200E-Book 1: Unhermit Yourself. A guide to help the socially anxious to figure out the awesomesauce secret to being able to get off the couch in your trackie dacks + confidently get out to your local café/music festival/wedding.

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

//9 Heart Centred Affirmations to Evoke Your Confident Spirit + Tips on How to Use them.

// Discussion on the 5 Most Common Social Blocks and how you can recognise them.

//Journalling prompts to help you bust through those social blocks.

//13 Toolkit Tips to Help You to Unhermit Yourself.

//A beautiful prayer for security + 10 inspirational verses to help you recognise your worth.


E-Book 2: Worthy-Affirmations and Prayers to Evoke Your Confident Spirit. A mini worthy-200guide to helping you feel more confident, affirmed and prayerful.

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

// Affirmations (How to use them and a list of ready to use affirmations).

//Prayer for Confidence


E-Book 3: Your Guide to Being Secure and Sure. An e-book that discusses whether being secure is a belief, a behaviour or a feeling. It explores what being secure looks like and some activities/tips to help you feel more secure in who you are as a child of God.secureandsure-200

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

// Journalling Prompts

//Prayer for Security

// Affirmations

//A 7 day challenge to help you on your way to feeling more secure.


E-Book 4: Stick it – How to stand up for yourself When you are sick of all the self-help fluff that doesn’t help your anxiety this is the book for you. It provides activities that will help you to stick it to the things in your life that don’t matter.stickitlist-200

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

// Journalling Prompts

// Turn up your Thermostat activity – manifesting your ideal life.

// Prayer for Peace and Discernment


Worksheet: Boost Your Strengths. Prompts to help you with boosting your strengths.


E-Book 5: Rock Your Dreams This guide will help you to look at creating positive goals, prioritising yourself, identifying your strengths and developing a toolkit to help you when your anxiety is heightened.

Sneak Peak Look Inside:rockyourdreams-200

// Setting positive goals.

// Identifying your strengths activity.

// Journalling prompts.

// Toolkit tips for self care.


E-Book 6: The New Way to Focus at Home and at Work. This is for you if you are finding it hard to focus at home and at work. Your anxiety is playing over in your mind like a bad anxiety movie. You’ve even got the lines memorised ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’ll never get that promotion,’ ‘So and so is better than me,’ and ‘I just don’t want to adult today.’

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

//Journalling prompts.

// Anxiety toolkit tips to help you to focus at home and at work.

// How to schedule to maximise focus.

// Information on self care and creating a pleasure list.

// Colourful planners to help you with your organisation.


 E-Book 7: How to let go of your workaholic attitude. This is for you if you want to let go of your workaholic attitude. This e-book will help guide you back to more balance cause life is meant to be fun!

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

//Journalling prompts.

// 4 tips on how to address your workaholic attitude.

//  How to establish a pre-sleep routine.


E-Book 8: How to get out of your Anxiety Funk. This book is for those of you who are future focussed rather than present focussed. This book will guide you to understand your anxiety funk patterns and how to get out when its getting all too much.

Sneak Peak Look Inside:

// Journalling Exercises.

// How to disconnect from your distractions and face your fears.

// The ways you are covering up your emotions and how to bust through them.

// Frontal Cortex Technique – to help you calm your anxiety quickly.

// Colourful planners to help you get out of your anxiety funk and keep you focussed.


10 Minutes – ‘Ease Your Anxiety’ Meditation

A guided meditation with relaxing beach sounds in the background to help you unwind and soothe your anxious spirit. Play it all the way through or skip parts of it and just play the middle section where it is just music.


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