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Mind detox


You’ve done detoxes before.

But this one.

It’s different.

No green juices required.

Just a whole heap of spunk and a willingness to come clean.

With your mind.

My friends often call me Dirty Diana, after the Michael Jackson song.

And you know what?

Our minds get so dirty. (Nooo not like that).

thought patterns

God’s designed it that way to keep you safe.

The thing is you and I often use this God designed system in wrong ways.

Using this system is meant to grow you BUT you allow fear to take over and then the sabotaging techniques come out.

Such as:

  • You put yourself out there and were rejected. You resolve to stay quiet so that you don’t have to be rejected.
  • Perhaps you were completely yourself and people didn’t like you. You put up walls so that nobody gets to know the real you.
  • You worked really hard to win a project deal but they chose someone else. This made you feel vulnerable and stupid.  You don’t step out to try again because you don’t want to fail.

But what if you give yourself permission to create a life comprised of your dreams?

self worth from within

The Mind Detox Method (created by Sandy Newbigging) is an AMAZING technique that I am trained in. It is about helping you understand why you are thinking and reacting the way that you do.

When you consciously learn how to think, act and behave differently, your unhealthy thoughts are rewired to a more positive way of thinking.

Sandy sums it up nicely:

 “The Mind Detox Method enables you to find the significant emotional events in your life when your core unhealthy beliefs were first formed. It then helps you to get peace with these past events so that you are no longer justified to feel any negative emotions in relation to what happened. Due to the mind-body connection, we find the body is more able to heal naturally when unhealthy beliefs are resolved. And because your beliefs determine how you feel and the life choices you make, it is also common that people using Mind Detox find it easier to enjoy more peace and prosperity in their life too.”

I have worked with over 50 women to help them detox their mind and I would absolutely love to guide you to living a life where you know your self-worth from within. Anxiety sucks but the mind detox method creates ripples of transformation in this area. So much so that these women are no longer surviving but thriving!

Email me: dianabraybrookeanxietycoach@gmail.com if you want to fall head over heels, Noah and Ally in The Notebook in love with yourself and transform your everyday routines so that anxiety no longer controls you. You have a specific soul-driven vision. Let’s uncover it.

Work with me packages, using the Mind Detox Method can be found HERE.