Afro American Girl Doing Sport

I stripped off my yoga pants and tops and delicately placed my cami bra and undies on the hooks in the shower at the yoga studio.  Praying that they wouldn’t fall into the shower water below.

There was only a spot outside the door for the rest of my gear.

Enjoying the warmth of the water after a yoga sess felt good.

I heard someone outside the door.

I talked to myself (in my head).

“You are going to go out there in your cami and undies and not apologise for doing so.”

But I had visions of that ‘model’ Dani Mathers taking pictures of that elderly woman naked at the gym.

And thought, how about if that ends up being me.

You know, maybe not ending up on Instagram and shamed and all, but what if the lady outside of the door, is mentally tsking me in her mind like a metronome on speed.

So as I got out I caught myself apologizing for traumatizing her.

I mother flipping apologized for being me!

She was like ‘honey, I’m European. We have public bath houses and we all bathe nude together. It’s all good. I’m not even batting an eye lid. By the way. You’re beautiful. You need not worry.’

Why do we apologise for stuff we need not apologise for?

Why do we get ashamed for being in our own skin?

You’re not traumatizing anyone by being you.

You’re beautiful.

Stop apologizing.

Embrace your beauty.

Strut your stuff.

Love deeply.

Stop giving your power away by using too many words.

Start a revolution of not giving AF about stepping out of the shower room in fear of haters.

And if you do what I so often do and wear my undies inside out, laugh it off and get on with your day.

You are worthy.

In all of your entirety.

Yes, wobbly bits and all.

I celebrate you today in all your delicious, beautiful, glory.

Even with your anxiety, you’re awesome!

A daughter of a king.

You’ve so got this!






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