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You open your diary and what do you see?  A full, bursting out of the seams calendar full of events and appointments. You’ve got your mum’s 60th, a friend’s hen’s night and that all important half leg wax (you know because all that time you thought you had a loose thread on your skirt but it ummm wasn’t that at all).

You sigh as you take 2 Panadeine Forte tablets. You’re in pain and soooo dog gone tired. Just thinking about going to those events was enough to give you that hammer in the head throbbing headache.

You’re torn between wanting to go to that Hen’s night (umm hello cocktails) and a date with your bed. You feel like you’ve let friend down before because of your health but you feel like you just can’t stomach the physical pain you’re going to be in as you hit the town in your pair of ridiculously good looking high heels.

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So what do you do?

The past year I’ve been working with women who want to get off the couch to events without apologies, excuses and over explaining. Problem is a lot of my clients struggle with health related challenges.

That alone is a daily battle.

I’ve had my own fair share of gastro, migraines, heck even the odd debilitating period pain thrown in the mix.

I’ve had to cancel lunch dates, reschedule eyebrow waxes and appointments with coaching clients.

I get it. It’s the f-word.


And you feel bad don’t you? You feel like you’ve let yourself and your friends down.

Here are 4 ways to preserve your energy and still have friends at the end.

  1. Look at your calendar. What do you really want to go to and what can be rescheduled to another week?
  2. Let go of any guilt you have surrounding your health and the impact it is having on your social life. Seriously, your real friends understand. Stop apologising for things that are out of your control. Instead thank people. “Thank you for understanding,” Thank you for coming to my house to visit me instead of us going out to that new local cafe.”
  3. Give yourself the space to heal and rebuild. Do you need to see a doctor or a naturopath (perhaps both?) Do yourself a favour. Prioritise your health and book the appointments in. Do you need sleep? Succumb to its sweet lullaby. Everything else can wait. (Including the dishes).
  4. Invite your friends to your home (if you’re up for it). The battle lies in getting out to places while unwell. By inviting your friends back to your home half the battle is won. That way is you are feeling sleepy as a sloth then you’re at least in your own environment.






What are some strategies you use to still feel connected in with your friends while having health related challenges. I’d love to know in the comments below.

If you’d love to quit apologising for your health + find ways to still have rad as connections with your friends get on a call with me: