{Blog Post} When self help fluff doesn't work. When the love over fear movement doesn't work and you feel stuck. Feel it. Don't mask it. Sit with it. It's ok. You're safe. Read here>> http://www.dianabraybrooke.com/2016/01/24/when-self-help-fluff-doesnt-work/I’ve got nothing to give right now. The past week I’ve had a cold and gastro I also returned back to my teaching job 2 days a week all while still making sure this website gets a bit of love.

It’s hard juggling it all isn’t it? You already go to work with an empty cup. Your eyes are burning with tiredness; your head is throbbing and feels like someone is beating a drum back there.

You get to your desk and look at your ever expanding to do list. Your inbox is full to the brim with requests from the boss, bills to pay and the odd self-help newsletter.

Someone dumps another file on your desk and sashays away. All the while you’re thinking about your baby being babysat and hoping that they don’t bring another bug home.

You drive home and slump yourself onto the couch. You give yourself 5 more minutes before you turn on the computer again to finish off that work you didn’t get to do today. The baby has pulled all the books off the book shelf and is under them all crying and you still have to think about dinner and bath routines.

You chuck on that old t-shirt and finally climb into bed exhausted. You feel like you’ve run a marathon and eaten cake at the half way point. You feel heavy, bloated and sick.

There hasn’t been time for self-care like sipping that glass of champagne while watching Gossip Girl (xoxo).

Ugh. It feels gross.

There are moments where life just feels hard and you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere.

But it starts with a single step.

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// Give yourself permission to cancel all your appointments and catch up on sleep.

// Make yourself a cuppa before tackling the to do list.

// Delegate some of the jobs to other people.

// Speak up and ask for help. You are not being a burden.

// Close the computer when you get home and have a tickle fight with your baby.

// Buy the best champagne and drink it.

// Use the nice body butter.

// Put on that sexy lingerie.

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We all have choices even amongst the chaos. What is yours going to be?

Lovely one. I see you. You over there feeding your baby as you try to keep your eyes open.

I see you lovely at the office trying to appease that boss by making them a coffee and bringing them a donut.

I see you lady, trying to recover from your health related illness while trying to build a business that makes you want to bounce out of bed, deliriously drunk on your new fab idea.

You are doing so well. Even if you feel unseen. The God of this universe sees you. You in your glory and beauty. You don’t have to do this alone. Seek God, your family + your friends.

Heck, hit reply and I’ll listen.

If you’d love to feel that bursting out of bed energy and want to know how to have more champagne dates and less computer ones. Get on a call with me: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com






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