family christmas 2015

(Just a normal formal photo with the baby sis and her three boys. My Flynn being mischievous. Have no idea where he gets it from?)

I’m breaking the rules. It’s tiring playing to formulas and strategies. I’m supposed to be on blogging break. A time out for me to refresh and get grounded back into what this space means for me.

I feel like I have forgotten what this space really means to me.

So here I am breaking my blogging break to blog to you (yep, that’s a mouthful).


Because my words are just flowing freely and I honour that pouring out of my spirit. I have this freshness that is waiting to burst forth and just share with you.

And I’m doing it without feeling the need to have my post done because it’s a Tuesday and that’s just what I do.

I’m doing it because for the first time I sat down and went through Danielle LaPorte’s ‘The Desire Map‘ book and went through each area of my life with a fine toothcomb to come up with my core desired feelings for the year.

I think they’re a big indicator of how much energy was spent in this space and how I just need to sink in and just really be me.

Without feeling guilty about who I am or what I believe in. Without feeling guilt about how often I blog, what I blog about and whether I make money of this gig.

But rather honouring my core desired feelings of : FUN, CALM, PRESENT and RELAXED.

bathtime christmas 2016

(Fun, like this New Year’s Eve tradition that started with my friend 4 years ago saying ‘I wonder how many people can fit in my shower.’ It’s now evolved to wearing costumes in the bath too!)

I want to have fun, be calm, present and relaxed in this space. I don’t want this to be just another job I go to nor another title to notch up on my ‘I’m so good, look at me so in touch with my higher self’ garbage either.’ I don’t need this space to feel validated, seen or heard.

I need this space to be a safe space. For the rule breakers.Those who are thirsty to break free of what is expected of them.

Are you her?

Do you feel as though last year you played by the rules and it got you no where?

Did you have less fun than you expected?

I see you girl, working your butt off over there. You put in the extra hours after work and yet you still didn’t get that promotion.

You played nice girl in the relationship and kept taking him back and putting up with crap you shouldn’t have. You now feel trapped.

People keep telling you that this year is going to be sweet 16. You want to tell them to shut the f*ck up.

You want to unhermit yourself, but you’re scared to branch out. What will people think about your career, partner, rental house (cause you know, people keep telling you rent money is dead money so now you feel inadequate), and even the clothes you wear.

You dull your sparkle by wearing the latest Haviana’s and Sass and Bide jeans combo, yet you flipping love wearing floaty skirts, especially ones you’ve found at the local op shops. You cringe just thinking about how much money you spent on those jeans just to be cool.

Enough is enough girlfriend!

Let’s break some rules together. (Maybe, not like me doing 100 kms in an 80 zone to pass another car who was doing under the speed limit. Cause, you know there may be a speed camera on the other side of that car. Yeah, ouch).

And while you are doing it think about how you want to feel at the end of it all. Do you want to feel fun, calm, present and relaxed?


Do you want to feel sassy, sexy and sophisticated? (Yeah, bringing back my English teacher mad skills. See what I did there?)

What makes you feel that way?

And start making small steps each day that lights you up more than that Christmas lights’ display down the street from you.

It’s time girl.

I’m breaking the rule by blogging whenever I want. I’ll keep my regular Tuesday post but hey if I want to write about my donuts for lunch experience on a Friday then I am going to do it.

And while I’m at it, I’ll break the mother flipping cords of ‘niche’ writing every now and then. Sure I love writing about spirituality (what spirituality coach wouldn’t), and unhermitting but I also love writing about health, books, and just other random shit that lights me up. (Like that one time I took a Poi class).


(Image Credit: Greg Elkenhans Photography)

I’ll also take breaks when I need to and not feel like I need to Explain.Every.Decision.

I’ll charge the prices I want to charge.

I’ll talk about God and what he means to me.

I’ll go between clean language and occasionally dropping a F*bomb and a S*word (because I’m not perfect and it comes out when I’m passionate or when I’ve been caught speeding.Again).

I’ll send out as many newsletters as I want and not worry about people leaving the list because my die hard fans will stay on the list because you think I’m awesome (P.S I think you’re awesome too!).

So here’s to 2016 and to breaking the rules.

Like my 9 month old Flynn:

flynn highchair

To dangling off the edge of high chairs and checking out the view below,

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