I’d wanted this gift for a long time. I prayed and cried over the fact I could not have it when I wanted it. I saw other people receive this gift. I questioned God “Why do they get this beautiful gift and not me?” I sulked away.

As I released the need to have this gift it was given to me. I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant after struggling to conceive for nearly 3 years. I had spent the past 12 weeks recovering from a surgery to mend all the ligaments in my knee after a hockey tackle went wrong and had returned back to work as a high school teacher. I was exhausted.

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Just a few things to take note of as the year wraps up.

  • I’ll be taking a blogging break for 2 weeks. I’m the first to admit I’m not very good at shutting off but I so need to do this. I’m back teaching high schoolers 2 days a week next year while also opening up space for coaching so I need to spent time just being present. I’ve also been working in my masculine wayyyyyyy too long, I’m craving myself some Divine Feminine!
  • I’ll be returning to this space 12th January 2016
  • My coaching calendar is now open for next year but spaces are limited. Please get in quick if you’d love to learn how to get unhermitted, gain a spunk load of energy that will make you look forward to each and every flipping day, and connect with God in a way that feels more ‘like sipping Champagne and less like sniffing incense.’ (Thanks to Elle Griffin from Over the Moon magazine for this gorgeous quote). Get on a call by sending me an email to: Work with Me packages and pricing are here on the website. Go HERE.
  • Oh and I’ve put out my latest e-book called “The Holiday Guide to Unhermit Yourself.” Yes I know Christmas is nearly here BUT the skills are transferrable to whatever event you’ve got coming up. Just insert the name of your event where it says Christmas in the book. And it’s only $10! Treat yourself this Christmas and invest in yourself and get yourself unhermitted this holiday season. Details HERE.