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Today on Honour Roll I am honouring the lovely Natalie Sellars from Kindred Toxin Free Facials, Skin Care and Make Up. Natalie is a facialist with 16 years experience in the beauty industry. After experiencing her own health issues, Natalie turned to a holistic life style, gaining as much knowledge as she could about organic whole food life styles, toxin free products, yoga and meditation. She then created Kindred Toxin Free facial studio in Bulimba (Brisbane). Her studio steps up to the next level in self care, self love and luxurious facial treatments. All of which are designed to leave your soul singing, and skin glowing.

Even though I have to travel 30 mins to get to Natalie’s studio, it is so worth it.  I’m always looking forward to our next treatment.  Her facials are so beautiful and I love that she also gives you an arm, leg and head massage as well.  She uses beautiful products and I know that my Psoriasis isn’t going to freak out after seeing her. I feel like I have made a kindred spirit friend in Natalie. We have so much in common. You’re going to love her. Please welcome her into the tribe.


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+ Maya Angelou once said that ‘We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  What changes have you gone through over the years that have shaped you as a person and have developed what you do at “Kindred Toxin Free Facials?”

I have been on a 4 year journey to toxin free, both my partner and myself have been really sick. Myself with chronic fatigue and Tyron with a rare neurological condition that shut down all the muscles in his face. (He’s ok now). I have worked on becoming toxin free in all areas of my life.

  • My biggest changes have been switching to an organic, whole food diet. Eating all the colours of the rainbow!
  • Removing myself from negative and toxic people
  • Cleaning out my own mind and taking responsibility for every thought action and word that comes from me. (Thank you Yoga and meditation).
  • Switching all my personal care, cleaning , skin care and make up to toxin free versions.
  • SLOWING DOWN , BREATHING, LOVING and most importantly being KIND to myself .


+ What motivated you to become a facialist?

I have been dong this for 16 years now, I LOVE making people feel special and I soon learnt that my touch could help people FEEL amazing (and my knowledge could make them LOOK amazing too). For me, it’s a therapy, a whole experience that makes people feel cared for and ultimately, that they are caring for themselves.

+ What sets your business apart from other beauty day spas?

I have worked in/managed  busy day spas and the big chains. I took all my knowledge from each place and put it all together with a toxin free, holistic twist. (I now realise that the constant contact with toxins was part of what could have made me sick too).

Most clients will tell you, it’s an ‘experience’ – I have my crystals, beautiful aroma sprays and I smudge to remove any negative energy.  I teach people about beauty from the inside (yes spiritually, but also in Dr Libby style, what you put in your body, how you treat you body – will always show on your skin). People feel beautiful when they are empowered – I help people ( men and women) make educated choices that feel right for them. (Oh and they work, my skin has NEVER looked better and I’m 35 now!)

+ What are some of the rules and rituals that help you feel grounded, connected, inspired and blissful?

  • I exercise daily – I love exercising outside so I try and get out in the SUN to do this. I’ve started to listen to my body, some days it’s swimming, others it’s a hard HIIT session, boxing or a session on the hypoxi bikes.
  • Yoga and meditation –  You will find me at Yoga Bones in Paddington (Brisbane),  I LOVE yin and restorative yogas at the moment.
  • I have 2-3 far infra red saunas a week (it detoxes you from a cellular level, plus feels like you have been given a warm hug).
  •  Reiki  and Ka Huna massage. (My special treats, they bring me back to my truth) I have these monthly.
  • Spending time with friends and family – It’s so important to laugh, be silly and have FUN!


 + What are the most common mistakes people make when choosing their skin care?

Choosing their own products. A lot of people don’t really understand their skin type (and conditions change) – they end up wasting money and not getting the result they were after. Always see a ‘facialist’ (someone who specialises in facials) so you get exactly what you need. I’m a big fan of using as little as you need on your skin –  and spending your $$ on the important stuff, like the really good quality oils and eye creams. I”ve very honest and clients appreciate that.

Using toxic skin care – Toxins are all accumulative, by using something every day, the toxins build up and can cause so many problems . I LOVE oils for this reason. Basically, don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat. There are so many gorgeous, luxe organic and TOXIN FREE alternatives around now that work even better than the really expensive brands. I get incredible results with some of my facials (and after years of using toxic, expensive products on clients, It’s REALLY exciting!)

+ Can you tell “The Butterfly House” tribe what facial you gave me on the day I came in and the benefits of the products you used on my skin?

You had my most popular facial (GRACE  $125) It’s a 75 minute treatment and you had the Illuminate added in ($40 extra for a diamond head microdermabrasion). It’s pretty much the ULTIMATE in results plus lots of beautiful massage. I spend about 20 minutes massaging your face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands feet and scalp). I used lots of beautiful, organic oils, clays and facial mists to lift impurities from your skin, while also healing it, leaving your skin, soft and GLOWING! (Microdermabrasion is NOT for everyone, if I see a skin that doesn’t need it, or is too sensitive, I won’t use it- this is the difference with my experience, I also only use it on the lowest setting, but I just get such good results with it for congestion!)

+ What are three of your favourite health and wellness tips?

  • DE STRESS in what ever way works for you (a walk, yoga, meditation, exercise).
  • DRINK WATER – drink 2-3 litres of purified water daily (and not from plastic, please x)
  • SLEEP- turn everything off an hour before you go to bed (no iPhones, no computers, no tv) and get a quality 8 hour sleep. (Your skin does all it’s healing at night time, sleep is key to EVERYTHING).


+ A beauty myth that drives me nuts is…

You can BUY beauty – That’s not REAL beauty.

Real beauty is having a confidence, a trust and a true LOVE for yourself. Putting self care as a priority and SHINING your individual light. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, it’s making small changes and making being healthy the priority! x

+ If my days had one extra hour I would…

Make dinner from scratch every day! I love cooking.

+ My beauty essentials are…


  • Audra James cleansing oil and facial towel (I don’t use an exfoliant, the facial towel does that for me daily!) + Her spotless oil (life saver for any breakouts)
  • Black Chicken remedies ICU eye serum ( OH and their AMAZING deodorant AXILLA). (Diana: I second this. Even my husband loves this!  He was skeptical at first but he’s converted).
  • The Little Alchemist Vitamin C Serum + Antipodes Immortal SPF for Day
  • Antipodes Saviour Balm for night time. (Yes, I use it as a night cream, I LOVE IT!)
  • Metta body butter (the vanilla) get it in your life! (Diana: I also rave about this product!).
  • DRY BODY BRUSH- Bode care (the one with the strap) so good.




  • Audra James (Diana: I can vouch for this. I did her perfume workshop. You can read about it here.) Audra creates bespoke blends which the other brands don’t do. It’s pretty special.
  • The little Alchemist

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Thanks so much Natalie for your beautiful responses. I’m sure we have all taken something away from this. What’s the one take away you’ve had? Comment below and please share if you loved this post. Let’s get on board and support one another.  Natalie is also offering $20 off your first facial when you book! You just need to mention that “The Butterfly House” sent you. How sweet is that?

You can connect with Natalie here >>