So I finished teaching for the year! I’m officially on Maternity Leave. So what did I decide to do? Make my own VLOG. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but of course there has never been a good time and I spent ages trying to pull off the perfect vlog. Not ‘perfect’ in trying to be someone I’m not. I just wanted to make it professional.

And for those who know me, you know technology hates me.

Yeah really…Positive Affirmations just don’t cut it when it comes to technology and I!

So that means the well planned out script for my first VLOG, wouldn’t upload properly and display while taping the session. (Said script was really just my dot points. As I mentioned I still wanted it to be authentic but I wanted it to flow much better than it has).

Yes it’s raw. It’s all over the place. My glasses are giving off a reflection and I totally don’t make sense when I try to explain the differences between hypnobirthing and meditation. But it’s me and I can’t ask anything more of myself than that…

(Good thing I’ll be asking Melissa Spilsted from Hypnobirthing Australia about this in my interview I have planned).

The point I’m getting at is I had a go!  Some of us really struggle to even do that. I know how hard it can be. Even playing this video back makes me cringe but hey it’s me, sharing my heart on “My Year of Embrace” and transitioning from teaching to being at home.

So here it is (and please be gracious won’t you? It’s also a little grainy as I had to resize it to make it fit in this format):

Watch above first before reading on or this won’t make sense! 

And just in case I didn’t say it…

My students have asked me to come back in this week. They hadn’t forgotten after all. My end date just snuck up on them.

It’s probably evident that even as coaches we struggle with the very things you struggle with. So I’m embracing this video!  What are your thoughts? What do you need to embrace this year? How are you going to do things differently this year?

*Special thanks go to my life coach from last year Claire Baker from “This is Lifeblood” who encouraged me to do a VLOG to get my personality out there!

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