Diversity Women Socialize Unity Together Concept So tell me what you want… What you really, really want (aha aha – get your Spice Girl on honey). I’m going to give you a little pep talk alright? I’ve been doing this gig for the past 4 years. In that time I’ve been encouraging you to keep on going. But here’s the thing that I know about women who experience anxiety. They have got a whole heck of a lot of excuses.


You want to be able to socialize… But you think nobody likes you, so you just don’t go. Or a friend has recommended you see that counsellor or amazing coach (cough cough…) But because you had a few sessions way back when, and you feel like they didn’t work… You gave up. divider-heart Or you complain about how expensive it is to pay for talk therapy… But drop an easy $203.50 on tickets to see Pink in concert. (Yeah I did my research). It’s all about what you value. It’s all about what you are masking. It’s all about whether you are willing to give up the excuses. divider-heart Oh but you benefit don’t you? If you don’t go out to that function and people then you don’t have the opportunity to be rejected. Or if you continue to sit in your little anxiety pity party than you can continue to feel safe because you don’t have to face the beliefs you’ve wired in about yourself like: I’m not good enough. I’m unlovable. I’m unseen. I’m unaccomplished. I lack social charms and graces. divider-heart But what if you could give yourself that opportunity to learn about where you wired in your anxiety so that you could re-wire in a new way of thinking. A way that acknowledges all emotions. Cause let’s face it, they’re not good or bad. It’s the story we give them. What do you really, really want? divider-heart I’m guessing you want the following:

-You want to be able to not feel guilty about going to the gym and putting your kid in the crèche. You hate that feeling of I’m not a good parent.*Wipes snotty nose on sleeve of well-worn K-mart t-shirt*

– You want to be able to say ‘no’ to people so that you can create space to do your own damn thing. (Like sit in your underpants, while dipping a Scotch Finger Biscuit into a warm tea).

– You want to be able to leave that job that *yawn* bores the heck out of you and leave the draining people behind too. -You want to be able to buy the $45 flowers from the florist so you can surround yourself with beauty without feeling bad that you bought something for yourself.

– You want to get rid of the tiredness that anxiety brings. *Pulls doona over head, while toddler comes over into the bed and starts lying sideways. Oh wait that’s my night time story!*

– You want to actually make a difference in the world. You don’t want to be running the ‘look at me, I’m so accomplished, looooooove me’ game. You genuinely want to help people.

– You want to have more sex. Yep. I said it. Anxiety sucks like that. Read my point about tiredness. I’m guessing your libido is shot too hey?

– You want to be able to express yourself more, stand in your power and tell those marketers in the centre aisle of the shopping centres to bugger off.

– You want a deeper connection with God, but your anxiety makes you feel like you can’t connect. Yeahhhh you know the verses about ‘cast all your anxieties on Him and he cares for you’ but what does that actually look and feel like? divider-heart Darling, I am not here to make you feel bad. Far from it.

I’m just over seeing beautiful women in my community beat themselves up with their anxiety.

I’m over seeing you not drink a coffee because ‘that person said…’ it’s bad for your anxiety.

I’m over seeing you not value yourself enough to get help.

I’m over seeing you make excuses about how your anxiety stops you from doing things… Yet, you don’t ask for help!

divider-heart It is my strongest desire that women just like you rise up. To see that your worth comes from within, and that knowing it, can truly transform your life. Transform your life so that you can apply for that job, socialize, exercise and grab that facial you’ve been dying to have. Or to give Crossfit a try (flipping tractor tyres is my thing yo!)

And here’s the thing I want you to take from the post today. It starts with 1 action.

Where did you wire in your beliefs that you have surrounding your anxiety?

If you could get out a journal and write about your earliest memory of anxiety what were you doing? Who were you with? What emotions did you feel? And why is that a problem?

Now look at the situation again: What do you now know about the situation?

Do you have fresh insight? Can you see how that event is still perpetuating now?

As a mind detox practitioner and anxiety life coach I am trained to help you unlock that beautiful subconscious mind of yours. The subconscious is like a computer, storing all of your thoughts and beliefs. It’s time to open them up. Get the highlighter out. And start unpacking them one by one. If you need help doing this I have my Mind Detox 1:1 programme just for women like you who want to stop the excuses and start saying ‘yes’ more to life.

Email me: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com

Is it your time? Lean in beauty. You’re worth the time. You’re worth fighting for!

With love, Diana.