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It was a Saturday morning and I was on a phone call to my own awesome life coach. My eyeballs hurt like there were stabbing knives in them. After all, I hadn’t had a good sleep the night before. I was tired but wired and trying to do all the things: social media, writing my coursework, coaching clients, marketing, emails, and then juggling mama/wife life and teaching.

All in the name of getting ahead and living the freedom lifestyle.

I wanted to do work on my terms but I wasn’t haven’t fun anymore.

I was doing things in the name of ‘consistency’ and ‘routine.’

I have to write a blog post this week, I have to send out that email, I need to craft offerings better.

Do that course, or see that person.

I got onto the call with my scratchy throat and could feel the sneezes just building up inside my nose like a chimney that needs a good clean out.

The dust was building up inside my nose and I could feel it tickling and demanding to shoot forth.


Ugh, there has got to be a better way.

I have got to get better.

I just can’t keep doing this.

I was going to have to surrender my business and I didn’t like the idea of putting it on the back burner.

But something had to change.

As the call progressed it was made oh so clear to me I was burnt out like a stolen car that had been taken for a joy ride and set on fire.

Sure, it was fun doing donuts on the bitumen (aka going round in round in circles with ideas), and I was seeing the sights (getting awards, being published and feeling the love from influencers)

But there was going to come a point where all the fun was going to end up in a burnt out, firey, messed up carcass of a car.

My engines had blown.

And I needed to build my car back up again to the point where it could run efficiently and take me to places that my soul longed for.

So I took a break.

This is what happened.

As I took the time to step away from the biz I went through hating all the things. I hated the biz, I hated that it had sucked the life out of me like an all day sucker.

Then the cloud started to shift and the sunshine could start to shine through with all its warmth and goodness, lighting the way for a better path.

When I stopped doing all the things I started to get clear on what I actually wanted in my biz and life.

I could hear what my soul wanted to create NOT what my head was telling me I should create.

I stopped comparing myself to other gorgeous women on the internet who appear to have bustling businesses because I could finally see that I don’t need to dance to their sacred dance music (African drumming optional), I could rock out to Bon Jovi and light my inner child up so much that she could grin from ear to ear.

I took baths in the morning, just because.

I started to binge watch my fav tv series Desperate Housewives…guilt free.

I become so much more present around my little boy. I played my little heart out with him without worrying about whether he would miss a nap and therefore I would miss blogging time.

I stopped getting sick.

I stopped caring what people thought about me.

And my whole entire being celebrated the goodness and purpose that God had for me.

I was getting sick because I was resisting and hustling.

When I needed to let go and flow.

My body was sending me a timely reminder that if you keep pushing and shoving like being back on the hockey field, somebody is going to blow the whistle and hand out a penalty.

My body was whistling at me to slow the heck down. It was trying to force me to slow down through getting sick (because nothing slows you down like sickness).

When I received the message and accepted its invitation I was able to heal my body.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you today is because I know what it is like to have anxiety and keep resisting it.

You’re burnt out like the toffee that’s stuck to the bottom of the saucepan (you know you’ve got some sweet goodness inside of you waiting to burst forward, but you’re ohhhh so stuck).

Your day to day existence is like watching Groundhog Day on repeat.

Thoughts about what that person said about you are rampaging your mind…

You’re second guessing that suggestion you made to your boss at work…

You feel lazy if you stop for a moment to breathe or if you stop all the thoughts come flooding back to you and frankly, YOU JUST CAN’T DEAL. I mean, doing stuff constantly means you can avoid dealing with the pain, the frustration the anxiety.

And here’s the thing.
There is a better way.

In slowing down it activates your parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest mode – or chillaxed mode).

And by activating your parasympathetic nervous system you can alleviate anxiety faster than a teenage girl buying One Direction tickets.

The New Year is fast approaching and I know you want to do things differently.

It’s so draining overthinking and having panic attacks.

It sucks not having someone in your corner who understands anxiety triggers and how to alleviate them.

You’ve tried to do it your way by doing all the things but now it’s time to try a new approach.

And this is where I come in.

I’ll be your straight shooting guide to helping you alleviate anxiety and be on the way to feeling calm. When you feel calm you can think more clearly, set healthy boundaries with ‘those’ people (those steam roller typed people who demand your attention), start sleeping better, and the best part, have more fun.

Cause let’s face it, anxiety is not fun.

And you want to have more presence. More life. More joy.

So if you don’t want to head into 2018 with the same anxious energy that you’re currently experiencing email me: and let’s hook up a session.

I’ll guide you to that calmness and clarity you’ve been craving.

Look forward to hearing from you.







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