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The wildflowers stand tall,

Their faces turned towards the sun.

Their petals stretched forth, giving praise to their maker.

They don’t busy themselves.

They’re planted firm.

They may swing gently back and forth in the breeze but they are not shaken.

Their roots dig down deep.


Yet here I stand.

Tired, exhausted, wrecked.

I close my eyes, but rest eludes me.

Coughing so much my ribs ache,

And my soul craves better days.


To turn my face towards the sun,

To bask in His glory.

To start listening to His voice, to be still and know that He is God.


Can you hear me?

The wildflowers whoosh about with God’s radiant presence filling them from their very roots up.


I listen but…

I get better…

Then rush back into work.

I’ve done well at making my identity there.


Then once again I’m made aware that I’m weak.

Sickness comes back and invades my body.

Once again humbled. Reminded to be still.


Message received.

God longs for me to be still.

To seek first His kingdom, not my own self-seeking one.

To just close off my eyes to the noise of this world,

To be still enough to listen to what He has for my life.

Yet, I keep getting sick, and I know deep down inside it’s the only way to slow me down.
Slow down dear one.


Rest on me.

Write your worries down and lean in.

Put on the most beautiful music,

Bask in my glory.

Eat the fine chocolate.

Put the to-do list down.

And just be…


Simply just be.

Dance amongst the wild flowers,

Lay down in the fields and lift your eyes heavenward.

Breathe in the beauty of the wildflowers.

Gaze in the wonder of who you really are.


Be like the wildflowers,

Stand tall,

Face towards the son,

Petals stretched high,

Roots deeply planted and watered by His Word.


And as you simply just rest,

In beauty,

May you grow strong,

Be nourished,

And may sickness leave.


May the love of our father God,

Be firmly planted amongst the stillness.

Let Him permeate the cracked ground, the areas where the weeds have grown through,

And let your identity not be in what you do, but simply because you were made for pure beauty and delight.

Face towards the son Wildflower.
Rested, loved, bliss.

© Diana Braybrooke


Hi lovely one,

As you can see I’ve been going through a season of ill health and it’s been wearing me down.

I know anxiety can also do that to you. You feel weary. You feel like just as you are getting better, something happens and you are back to square 1 again.

Perhaps you too, keep getting sick. You’re absolutely wrecked. You don’t know how to navigate each time this keeps beating you down.

As I said in the Wildflowers poem, find rest.

Practice just being.

Take time to actually heal.

And also see why this keeps happening.

Do you need to take more down time? Do you need to stop trying to get your value and worth in doing more?

Do you need to book yourself a doctor’s appointment? A naturopathy appointment? A solo weekend away to recuperate?

Take your health seriously. Start with being intentional with resting. The rest on its own will help you to get more clarity.

If you’d love some help finding ways to get better and want accountability to help you through I am here to help. Email me:

I’m going to take a blogging break for 2 weeks now.

By then I hope to feel much better! Plus I’ll be back from my Melbourne trip so I’ll be able to let you know what went down with the Beautiful You coaching awards. If you haven’t heard I’ve been nominated for a Shine Award. It’s for those who show consistent heart, commitment and authentic effort in serving their clients and their business.

Please share if you loved the post using the buttons below and I’ll see you on the flipside, abounding in health!