Get out of your anxiety funk!


Hey hey gorgeous,

What’s been happening?

Last week’s resource on ‘The new way to focus at work and at home’ was quite popular with you ladies. It’s so easy to get distracted isn’t it? One moment you’re off to find a pen in the other room, and then the fridge calls out to you with the left over chocolate brownie inside of it, which then leads to making yourself a delicious coffee and then binge watching Netflix.

I sooooo get it.

Another one of the things I often get asked is ‘How do you get out of your anxiety funk Di? You know when you’re hands are shaky, you don’t wanna go to work and the blankets just feel oh so much more warm and inviting?’

Well good news. I’ve made you a resource to help you to get out of your anxiety funk.

One of the girls in the closed Facebook group (it’s for those of you with anxiety who would love free support in a space that feels safe and warm. It’s also a smaller group so it’ll help with the overwhelm if you don’t like crowds.  You can ask to join HERE), suggested whether a resource might help her get out of that fact.

So I delivered.

It’s another 20 page e-book full of journalling prompts and tips. There’s also some gorgeous planners in there to help you get organised and feeling more peaceful about the day.

You can access the resource HERE. Password is: anxietyfunk

Link will expire 2 months from today and is then available for FREE in the Freebies Vault for V.I.P members only.  (Pssst – It’s also free to be a V.I.P member)!

Let me know in the comments below: What helps you to get out of your anxiety funk? I’d love to know. If you loved the post and resource please share using the buttons below. If you’d love help getting out of your anxiety funk so you can get more done and have more fun get on a call with me:



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Diana is a spirituality life coach who works with anxious women who want to say ‘yes’ more. She knows what it feels like to be in a place of darkness – to not know yourself and where your inner light went – and how to move forward once you come out the other side. With ten years experience as a high school teacher, Diana asks the right questions to guide you into a deep acceptance of who you are helping you see your true beauty. You can learn more about Diana and get instant access to the Freebie Vault (free e-books, guides, prayers + toolkits), when you sign up on the V.I.P list. You can also send an email to Diana at:

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