Oh little bumblebee, I see you.

Busying yourself, rushing around.

Pleasing everyone else,

Thinking that this is what you need to do to feel important.


This day was different. She had vowed that!

A rostered day off, how marvellous.

A fresh day, so new.

She began the day like she usually would,


But the bumblebee paused.

What’s the point in producing all of this nectar ,

If she couldn’t freely taste it’s sweetness?


The bumblebee decided she would go on an adventure,

She would take stock of all that was important to her,

As a high flyer she put her strategies out.

She knew she needed just enough structure to start moving forward.


As she mapped out her plan (with enough space to just have fun),

She felt the wind lift her wings up,

Like those majestic hot air balloons she had seen in her daisy filled field.


The bumblebee took flight.

She stopped to rest.

How soft the petals were…

And that aroma as sweet as the nectar she collected from it.


She had a taste of it now,

The bumblebee needed this time to be more productive at work,

For she wasn’t her work,

She was designed for far more than that.

It was to be a delight to her queen.


The bumblebee returned home,

With fresh vision and sweetness,

She knew that she wasn’t flying and competing with others for her nectar,

For each bumblebee collected a nectar that was unique to them.


Her nectar was the sweetness of knowing in her heart that she is loved.

She didn’t need to prove her worth,

Even though she knew there would be times where she doubted it.
The bumblebee was a vital and important part of her ecosystem.


Just because she chose to live.


divider-heartDear, beautiful one,

I wrote this poem the other day after having the image of the bumblebee in my head. I didn’t research anything about the bumblebee as I wanted my words to flow organically.

I knew that this piece had to be written.

Sitting in my counsellor’s room yesterday and I read the poem to her.

She asks a simple, but profound question which unlocks more of who I have shaped myself to be.

What is the role of a bumblebee?

I knew it straight away but had never considered it even while writing about her.

She’s a worker.

Lovely one. Are you a worker?

Do you work so hard but feel like it never gets seen?

Do you feel like sometimes you work just to over compensate for your anxiety?

Perhaps to fill a void? A heart ache even.


Gorgeous, there is so much more to life than work.

I bet you it feels icky to work so much right? (Like making that dreaded phone call).

That pit in your stomach that tells you ‘There has to be more. I am so much more.’ 

You are not defined by your work.


You are simply amazing just because you exist.


A vital part of our ecosystem.

Without you, who knows what may happen to it.


Taste of the nectar sweet one.

Take a seat on the petal. Swing on the swings at the playground,

Eat the damn icecream.

Sing your heart out in the shower.

Use your best moisturiser instead of leaving it at the back of the shelf.

You, dear one reading this post, are soooo worthy. So amazing.

It starts with one step. Acknowledging your workaholic attitude and making steps to let go of something in your week that doesn’t need to be there.

I even created an e-guide to help you. You can access the ‘Let go of your workaholic attitude’ HERE. It’s a little taster of what you can receive if you access the freebies vault as a V.I.P. (Link runs out in 30 days so make sure you sign up in any of the subscriber boxes to get access to the freebies vault).

If you have found yourself over working to fill a void get on a call with me: The new year is fast approaching. How good would it feel to let go of your worker mentality (but still get stuff done!)? Do you want to feel more bliss about your year the way I feel bliss when I sip an artisan coffee and savour a salted caramel chocolate? You can. It doesn’t have to be hard.






Comment below. Do you find that you overwork to compensate for your anxiety?