Rock On Confidence Girl

Hey beauties.

I hear you saying ‘have you gone crazy Di?

Yeah, yeah. That’s a common phrase (and misconception I must say) when people hear I have struggles with anxiety.

But seriously…

What of all this talk of celebration?

I’m sure you all know how anxiety manifests itself for you.

The million questions racing around in your head like a race car (zooming fast and sometimes spinning out of control).

The fast talk when anxiety hits you. You just keep talking and talking and you just don’t know how to stop. You say awkward things or you go round and round in circles. Perhaps you repeat yourself.

When you have anxiety it is so easy to think about all the ‘what if’s’ going on in your head

But (and here it comes) what if your anxiety could be lessened simply by having a heart of gratitude and celebration?

I know. Simplistic right.

And you all probably want to knock my flower crown right off for saying it.

But consider it another tool in ssshing the anxiety girl inside your mind.

Focussing on gratitude helps you to see what you have in your life that is currently good. Lack of gratitude can totally (vampire style) suck our energy dry.

Sometimes it is easy to look at all the rushing around thoughts in our head that we forget how far we’ve actually come and what we have accomplished each day.

// Like the fact that you took yourself off to the bathroom during your meltdown at work. You took those 10 deep breaths in and out, reapplied your mascara after you’ve cried and you’ve gone back out to man the phones.

// Perhaps during your meltdown you cried and you couldn’t face going back to work BUT you acknowledged that you needed your space, talked to a trusted work colleague and went home. You didn’t force yourself to ‘put on a happy face.’

// Or simply you made yourself a cuppa before you tackled your to do list. You made self care a priority.

// You prayed. It wasn’t a long one but you cried out for help.

Darling, you have come so far.

Start having a gratitude process so you can recognise the good things that have happened each day. Even the smallest of celebrations.


Here are 7 questions that can guide your gratitude process (one for each day):

  • How can I be thankful for the challenges I’ve experienced and how can I grow through them?
  • Who was there for you today? (Hello sisterhood).
  • What about today was better than yesterday?
  • What opportunities did I have today that I can be thankful for?
  • When did you feel good today? What about that made you feel good?
  • What around me is physically beautifully?
  • How can I say ‘thank you’ more?


When you have anxiety it is better to do less than add more to your to do list so perhaps just use 1 question each day to focus on.

Comment below and let me know how you went. I would love to hear from you.


This week here are some things I am celebrating:

  • Sisterhood – I got to hang out on a glorious sunny Saturday out at New Farm Park with some fellow coaching buddies.
  • I am now featured on the Certified Beautiful You Life Coach Profile page – I took on the internal certification process for Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and now I am profiled on their website. Check me out HERE. If you are a coach (or want to be a coach) then coaching with me counts towards your Certified Coaching pathway with Beautiful You. Email me:
  • Dinner hang outs with some lovely church girls.
  • Coffee dates with my boys. Flynn being all cute toddling about at the café.
  • A quiet week which gave Flynn and I an opportunity to chill more. Less in and out of the house which means less tantrums (from both Flynn and I).
  • Branding design work done by my lovely friend Kristy from Creative Flow Graphic Design Studio. My logo should be ready to go by this coming Friday. Yeow!


Anxious beauty. You are not broken. You are not a mistake. You are not crazy because of your anxiety. God has His arms wrapped around you right now. He holds you in a safe space.

So this week I challenge you to see the beauty in your ashes and to celebrate even the smallest good thing that has happened in your day.

If you’d love help being able to see the beauty in your ashes and you want to be able to move forward in gratitude (a.k.a feel like you can tackle your to do list with tools to calm your anxiety down), I’d love to hear from you. How amazing would it be to have a peaceful about your day and know you have someone lovingly holding that safe space for you?  Email me:  All of my work with me packages are displayed HERE.

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