first time

When I posted this image up on Facebook it got me thinking about when was the last time I actually tried something for the first time.

I’m guessing if you’re like me, anxiety can come into play when it comes to trying new things. (Depending on what that new thing is. If it’s trying the new coffee shop down the road and its delicious Oreo Brownie then I’m totally down and cool with that. My friend’s frog soup she ordered when we were in Cambodia. Well. That’s another story).

You know the feeling oh so well.

The rising of warmth that comes from your belly and up to your face causing you to get flushed cheeks.

Perhaps you’re worried about the risks involved.

The endless questions bubbling to the surface of your mind like when you remove the cork from a fine champagne. The questions just supressed until it’s released into the air in all of its frothy goodness.

What if that harness breaks? What if the parachute doesn’t open? What if I quit my job and step out for the first time into a completely new career? What if I lose money? What if people think I’m stupid? What if I get rejected?

All completely legitimate questions to ask.

Perhaps you’re stuck in routine. You feel safe and are just going through the motions. You don’t leave that job because it’s a guaranteed income yet it’s time to get into bed on Sunday and get a good sleep before work on the Monday and your anxiety has decided to grab hold of you.

You can’t sleep. Insomnia has made herself known like the child who devoured that massive fairy floss at the 3pm birthday party. You know sleep will be good for you but you have a knotted up belly. You’re full of stress fairy floss so to speak. You feel sick and tired.

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

I had to think about it and the last time I tried something for the first time was probably when I gave birth to Flynn last year.

Birthing is something that can bring up terror in women. Anxiety plus right?

As I’d never done it before I decided to go in educated and empowered.

I learnt hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing helped me to get into a healthy mindset on the birthing experience.

It did not mean I wouldn’t be scared.

It did not mean I wouldn’t feel pain.

But what it allowed me to do was go into the situation with a toolkit that allowed me to feel as peaceful as I could, knowing that I have an anxious disposition.

When you try something for the first time have a toolkit on hand.

Here are some toolkit ideas for 3 situations.

Want to try a new job but you feel too comfortable where you are at?

  • Have an exit strategy. Look at how much money you need to save, how much you could survive on and whether even downsizing might be an option so you can leave your job.
  • Research what you need to do to get into your new career. Do you need to take a course?
  • Look at your reasons why you want to leave your job. Weigh it up with the new career you have floating around in your head. What will it cost you if you don’t have a go?
  • While in your job consider the job as the ‘financier of your dreams.’ Sometimes even a change of perception can just make the days that much sweeter.
  • Do some journaling surrounding the change and see what comes up for you.


Want to try a new hobby?

  • Research what is required to start your hobby. Enlist a friend to try it out with you. If it’s something like an extreme sport perhaps start with something smaller rather than diving right in. Eg you could attempt kite surfing before you try parasailing. Or swimming with dolphins at Underwater World before getting in the Shark Tank in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be extreme for you to feel anxious. It could be the fact that you may have to socially unhermit yourself and allow yourself to be surrounding with other people.
  • Again have a strategy. Have an entrance and an exit strategy. Bring a safe friend with you. I have a whole e-book on ‘Unhermiting Yourself’ when you sign up as a newsletter subscriber. It’s free. Enter your details into either the box above or below.


You want to move forward but you’re nervous about being held accountable.

  • You want to try something new and you need accountability but there’s the problem. You’re nervous as heck to ask for help. You might love the idea of seeing a coach to help you set up goals and action steps that help you feel the most energised and confident you’ve ever been but you’re not sure what to expect. Or perhaps your anxiety is really taking a hold of your life and you need to see a counsellor but you don’t because you don’t want people to think you’re ‘crazy.’
  • Just make 1 step at a time. If you’re nervous about getting on a call, email the coach or counsellor. If you’d rather use audio than video on skype than ask.
  • And ask yourself the question: If I don’t get help for this right now where will I be in a year’s time?  Often asking yourself this question is enough to help you make a decision.


Having anxiety is not a death sentence and trying something new can be exciting if approached with love and care. Have a strategy and have a go.

As the American poet Mary Oliver once said ‘What are you going to do with this one wild and precious life?’

Comment below. What is it you’d love to do?

And don’t forget that when you want to try something new call on God and ask for help and guidance. Sit with your intuition. Ask God to reveal to you what your next steps will be and He’ll be there.

If you’d love help with trying something new for the first time get on a call with me:  I would so love to help you feel like your one wild and precious life is on point. I’d love to have you feel excited about your weekend new activity. Can you imagine how even just stepping out in this way can actually flow into other areas of your life? I’d love to help.

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