So I just spend 5 hrs writing my blog post for the week and I’m just not feeling it. This one you are reading right now is obviously not it. I thought I was supposed to write the previous post because I had woken up with this phrase from God “Be Holy for I am Holy” but the more I tried to write it the more it felt forced which lead to 5 hrs of pushing, resistance and fatigue.

And it probably doesn’t help that I have my periods and it’s wiped me out.

Now you’re thinking too much information Di, too much.

But hear me out.

You see spirituality is also about listening to your body. This is an ancient art form I believe we’ve lost. We don’t know how to track our cycles anymore or how to even get them humming in the first place. We keep coming from a space of masculine energy when maybe during the rise of the crimson flow perhaps we should practice just being. I know for one I struggled with feeling guilty about not working while Dave was out looking after Flynn. (BTW I don’t feel this expectation from Dave). I went from trying to write the blog post, to going to bed, to tossing and turning and then getting a burst of energy to vision board it up baby. (Because heck if I couldn’t get my blog post happening than surely I should just get my vision all happening asap right?)

And then I listened to an Over the Moon podcast by Elle Griffin and Jessica Drummond about ‘What Happens to Your Body after Baby?” I realised that after having Flynn I had just gone into work mode, plodding along with the blog not really taking a break to just be mum.

Sure I have connected with Flynn every single day but I’ve also found myself not listening to my body and just pushing, pushing, pushing to get the next blog post out, the next graphic up and the marketing campaigns all ready to go out.

And today I realised I need to create more pockets of rest into my day and to let go of the attachments I have with my work.

You see my body has been telling me not just today but for weeks now to just slow down, to stretch and to darn well stop throwing it into the housework and just be.

But what did I do? Spent 5 flipping hours trying to write and tell you a message that God had shared with me and then tried to transcribe it to you.

The thing is when I finally sat with that God message I felt that He wanted me to learn more before I share it with you. That until I learn what it actually means in its full entirety not to share it just yet.

The message I believe He wants me to share with you today is to tune into your bodies.

How can you do that this week?

// Perhaps you could do some journaling and find ways to connect with your how your body is feeling? Want to feel energetic? How can you achieve that? Want to be more present? What do you need to do to make that happen? Want to spend a whole day watching your favourite tv series because you’ve been too immersed in work mode? Freakin’ do it. But dear precious girl connect with God through these moments however it looks for you.

// Scan your body starting from your head and go all the way to your toes. Ask  yourself: How does my head feel? What’s going on? Do I need to address anything? How about my eyes? Are they feeling tired of late? Do I need more sleep? How about my skin? Is it looking flaky? Do I need more nourishing food this week or do I actually need to let go and eat that most divine looking piece of chocolate cake? How are my knees? Are they creaking? Do I need to get my foam roller and just roll out on it?

You get the point.

// How can I inject more feminine energy into my life rather than masculine? For those of you who are new to the work of divine feminine and masculine energies we as women can have both but it’s more about making a connection with both sides without going too far one way or the other. I’ll explore this concept for you in later posts.

The feminine energy manifests itself through connection, intimacy and security. It’s incredibly intuitive and accepting. Masculine energy is all about self-expression, independence freedom and improvement.

Work is masculine energy and it can be aggressive. When we are constantly in work mode it can affect our bodies negatively. So how can you then tap into your feminine energy to restore balance? To do so ask yourself: What do I need to surrender? How can I inject creativity into my life? How can I just receive right now? What makes me feel tranquil and how can I tap into that?

So with that I’m going to take a step back from my work this week and find time to listen to my body and embrace my feminine energy right now. Not only am I physically depleted because of the season I am in but I know I’ve been working in my masculine energy for wayyyy too long.






Have you been ignoring the signs your body is sending out to you? What needs to be addressed today? If you would love help exploring this further I’d love to help. Send me an email to: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com I’d love to hear from you. Please share this post with someone who needs to hear it today. The buttons are below.