freedom girl

Hi there ladies!  What a gorgeous past couple of days it has been here in Queensland.  It has been perfect picnic weather.

Last week I spoke to you all about the inner struggle I was having with whether or not to continue studying the Naturopathy course or to explore other options.  I wondered “What would people think of me if I quit it now?”  “How about the identity of this blog?”  and “Have I failed?”  As I sunk into the rest of the week and I didn’t have any study to do I felt so much more relaxed and calm.  I felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Then I had this dream.  I don’t know about you but when I’m going through some sort of decision making process or transformation I dream about houses and water.  For a while the waters in my dream have been choppy.  This week they were calm.  The house was beautiful and as I looked out over the waters an elderly man came up to me and said he was an author.  There are other weird parts to the dream which I will leave inside my crazied mind but there are some points worth noting.

Often houses in dreams represent our own soul and self.  Water usually represents our subconscious and emotional state of mind.  And for those of us Christian skeptics who don’t think that our dreams mean anything at all, Joseph interpreted dreams when he was in captivity.  Need I say more.

I felt like God was saying to me that I was now on the right track.  That the peaceful waters represented where I was currently at, a state of peace and calm.  The house that I was in was pure white and white often represents purity, peace and new beginnings.  I woke up from the dream feeling incredibly peaceful and assured that I was indeed making the right decision for now.

Can God give us signs?


One of my favourite books “The Unmistakable Touch of Grace” by Cheryl Richardson has this to say:

Every day we receive intuitive nudges, feelings or messages. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy to listen or afraid to act on this information.  We also tend to over analyse the messages we receive, spending too much time pondering questions like, “Is this just wishful thinking? Can I trust this feeling? Should I check in with someone first.”  Sometimes we need to relax our busy minds and trust our inner voice our Wise Selves.

We receive messages every day and unfortunately a lot of the time we either don’t see them or we question what is going on and try to make sense of it all rather than just surrendering.

She then goes on to say:

I prayed.  In the morning, before going to bed, many times throughout the day. I also prayed before writing and, always before giving a speech.  I asked to be used as a vehicle for the exact type of inside or guidance people needed to overcome an obstacle or to make an important change.  Each time I asked for guidance I learned to pay close attention to the  flow of energy that resulted from my actions.  If something was repeatedly a struggle and doors seemed to keep closing, I assumed it meant that I should go in a different direction.  When a door opened quickly and easily, I assumed it was for a good reason and moved toward it.  When a direction felt right but didn’t lead where I wanted or expected, I waited patiently for my next step to be revealed.  As I learned to trust the messages I was getting, it wasn’t uncommon to end up in an entirely unexpected place.

Sometimes we end up in that ‘entirely unexpected place‘ don’t we? It’s confusing.  We don’t know what the heck is going on. Especially when there is such a struggle. Often there are lessons to be learnt in the struggle. But sometimes we just have to wait patiently to learn about the outcome.

We need to listen to our intuition.  What makes our heart sing?  What talents has God given you?  Are you struggling because you are going against what is your authentic self?  Are you ignoring the signs that are blazing in front of you?  Why are you ignoring these signs? Are you scared? Fearful? Worried about what people will think of you?

What would happen if you listened to that intuition?  That God inspired little voice that tells you what He has in store for you.  What would your day end up looking like?  Would it be more peaceful?  Would you have less angst?

Start looking for the signs.  Start asking God to reveal what the next steps should be.  Be still.  Sometimes we try to busy ourselves because we actually don’t want to be told where to go and what to do.  It totally freaks us out.  We love being comfortable in what is familiar.

But what if something way cool and totally amazing was on the other side of that fear?

What then?

I can’t wait to see what comes in my future as I continue to rest on Him.  This week I plan to keep checking in on my intuition through prayer, meditation and journalling.  Last week I also started to set daily intentions and I found my day was far more purposeful.

So lovely ladies.  How do you know that you have listened to your intuition (God moments) right?  It can be confusing hey?  I would love to know what signs have been coming your way.  If you liked this post please share it using the buttons below and let’s get a conversation started.