An All Day Sucker

I was having a mind blank.  Insomnia will do that to you. Last night was not the greatest for sleep.  In fact, it totally sucked, like one of those all day suckers!

I then decided to stop fighting the ‘mind blank’ and instead decided to change my motivational desk phrase thingymebob to a new phrase.  It came up with this:


‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.’

Man. Way to make me think!

There is so much change going on over here at “The Butterfly House.”  Not just for the biz and blog but in my own life.  I mean ‘What did I really want in life?’  This was quickly followed up with ‘What does God want for my life?’

You see it is so easy to go about making plans for our lives and just casually brush aside the concept that we are divinely created.

I think that’s why I was up at ridiculous o’clock!  You see I have developed some excellent ways of avoiding God when I know change is about to occur.  Sometimes His only way of getting my attention is to keep me up.  There’s no surprise that in the surrender I usually have a period of rest and restoration.  In other words, sweet , sweet sleep.

The Fear of Transformations

I read this article by the lovely life coach Connie Chapman called “6 Signs You’re in a Process of Transformation (& How to Manage it).”  Man, did I nod at all of these 6 signs! It was like she got inside my head.  Today I’d love to focus on just two of these points and what’s been happening in my life as a result.

The first one that resonated with me was ‘You feel confused, anxious and full of mind chatter.’  Umm. Yes!  Hence, the lack of sleep.  Connie goes on to say that:

Your mind will try to keep you on the path of what makes sense so that it can stay in control and feel like it knows what is going to happen.  Being pushed in the dark depths of uncertainty can throw you off in to strong feeling of fear, anxiety and panic.

As you know I have been studying Naturopathy and Life Coaching and I ABSOLUTELY, jump off the couch, freakin’ love doing it. (Well everything but the anatomy and chemistry).  I love working with clients and seeing their faces light up when they realise they can totally achieve the goals THEY have set for themselves!  However, I still have that inner chatter that says ‘Are you going to throw everything away with your teaching ministry?’  ‘Can you afford to change how many days you work?’  ‘Am I deceiving myself that this is what I need to be doing?’

I love Connie’s solution to these questions:

Stop trying to figure it out. You don’t need to know why anything is happening and you definitely don’t have to try to understand it or solve it. Instead get in to your body which is where you will find connection with your feelings, your heart and your inner guidance.

In other words ‘What is your heart (and God) telling you to do?’  I already know what the answer is but now I just need to fully surrender.

The second one was ‘Relationships are Ending and People are Leaving Your Life.’  Now don’t freak out! Dave and I are still awesomely, ridiculously in love with one another.  However I have noticed that now that I have been moving forward in some new adventures that I have been losing friends.  Not entirely even sure why.  Some have really saddened me.  Connie has this to say about the situation:

Any relationship that is infused with that energy, will begin to become unsteady. The relationship will either fall away completely, or it will leave your life temporarily while you each go through a process of healing within yourself so that a new dynamic can be created between you.

Not only have I seen this in my life but I have watched this happen to people around me.  It’s been super crazy!  Sometimes downright confusing.  I’m looking forward to the healing and seeing what comes of the development of newer friendships.

As I go through this period of transformation I’m still fearful but also excited. It’s wonderful to dream big.  ‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.’

What have you missed out on because you let fear get in its way? I’d love to know. Comment below.

Have a wonderful week.