Journalling is one of those things that really helps me dial down my anxiety and helps me to process my emotions.

It’s also one of those activities that can bring up the most resistance. Like, I’ll go and make a cuppa, watch t.v, and scroll through Facebook before I’ll attempt it.

Yet it’s the one thing that really helps me to sssshhh my mind and helps give me crystal clear clarity (boo yeah on my English teacher alliteration skills there hey?)

It’s also awesome for helping me make decisions that cut through all of the noise of ‘mean girl.’ You know that voice inside of you that tells you ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘don’t take that job, it’ll make you even more crazy, jittery and anxious.” 

Psychologist James Pennebaker found that journalling strengthens the immune cells.

Other benefits include:
:: Getting to know yourself better.
:: Reduce stress.
:: Clarify your thoughts and feeling.
:: Evokes mindfulness.
:: Self confidence.
:: Healing

One way to journal is to do what author Julia Cameron called “Morning Pages.” In her book “The Artist’s Way” it outlines that you:

:: Write 3 pages of writing.
:: It can be about anything and
:: Do not over think the pages.

Another way you could journal is to use prompts. If you sign up in any of the subscriber boxes (below the post, at the top under my logo or in the pop up box) you’ll get instant access to e-books that have stacks of journalling questions to help you soothe your anxiety and help you on your way to feeling cool, calm and collected. (Cause we know how hard it is to feel that way sometimes as anxious women hey?)

But here’s a few questions to get you started this week. These ones are from my E-Book ‘Your Guide to being Secure and Sure.’

What does security feel like to you?

What does it look like?

If you treated yourself more kindly what could be possible?

Where do you feel the most secure?  (It could be a place or where you feel it in your body).

When did you feel the most secure and how can you tap into that feeling?

Let me know how you go. Comment in the box below if you’d love to share 1 of your answers. If you are stuck on how to feel secure and sure and you’d love help on finding it, get on a call with me: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com






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