At the beginning of the year I had the privilege to be mentored and be coached under the wonderful Elle Griffin, founder and editor-in-chief of Over the Moon magazine. Elle is also the host of Over The Moon Radio and is a writer & speaker of the Divine Feminine and a Catholic scholar of the Virgin Mary. She is currently completing her Graduate Degree in Mariology at the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton and spends her spare time hosting full moon parties and writing young adult fiction novels. You can follow Elle on Instagram @griffinelle or view her magazine HERE. Elle is the one who inspired me to open the doors to my life coaching biz! It is so cool and a privilege to do what we do and I am so thankful for this dear heart and her influence over my life. 

In this vlog Elle and I cover:

// Misconceptions to do with spirituality.

// Transitioning through the various seasons in life.

// How to make a beautiful heart felt connection with God.

// The art of story telling and making the Bible and other spiritual texts come alive.

// How we picture God can effect how we view and communicate with Him.

// The School of the Divine Arts.

// Her journey from Hormonal Health Coach to working at Over the Moon magazine and her journey into the Divine Feminine.

Listen to Vlog #2 with Elle Griffin

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