You’re sitting on your couch in your trackie dacks (that’s tracksuit pants for the non Aussies) surrounded by books, movies + your friends “Ben & Jerry’s.”

You watch Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion on T.V and you wish you had a friendship like that. They look like they have sooooo much fun.

Unfortunately you’re more like Romy at social events. Oh you know…you feel like you have to make up stuff like ‘inventing the post its.’

You feel like a fraud.

You put on a mask.

I mean what if people really got to know you? Will they even like the real you?

What am I going to say in the first place IF I accept this invitation to go out? What do I do if I am left on my own for long periods of time at the event? I don’t want to look like a fool!

So you keep plastering on the fake smile when you do get to that social event, all the while under the surface of that fakery, your hands + feet are sweating like you’ve been at Bikram Yoga and your heart is skipping as fast as a Crossfitter doing double unders. (And you feel a little clumsy too don’t you?)

You’re scared to let yourself be vulnerable. You’ve been hurt waaaaaaay to many times. It’s exhausting to even THINK about the gazillion billion thoughts and questions you have prepared inside your head. It feels so heavy and you catch yourself grabbing another glass of champers to lighten up the load of questions you’ve stashed back there in your head.

I mean, you’re much funnier once you’ve had a few…

Or so you think…

You start peppering off the questions in your mind, mentally preparing yourself before you approach that person over there..

You know the usual. What do you do for a living? Where do you live? How do you know so and so?

And that’s it. That’s all you’ve got. How do you flow from there?

Anxiety kicks in. It feels like a bunch of rowdy 5 years olds have simultaneously kicked soccer balls right at you in the gut. They make a lot of noise as they are all laughing and running around inside of you. (Oh hey there mean girl).

You make an excuse that you’re busting to go to the toilet or you’ve got to go home to look after Ben and Jerry… (They’re my cats you insist to the person, hoping your awkward laugh doesn’t give it away).

You get home. Slump down on the couch and the realisation kicks in that you blew it. Again.

I’m a social pariah.

So you think. But heck you want more, MUCH more.

// You want to be able to go out with your girlfriends and not back out.

// You want to be able to hold a conversation and not second guess yourself.

// You want to be able to have your cake and eat it too. (I get it, because the last thing you feel like doing when anxiety hits is eat right? I mean, it feels like you got hit in the stomach. Appetite gone).

// You don’t want to hide behind your partner. You want to be able to stand on your own merits.

// You don’t want to need wine/spirit/champers/almond mylk chais to be able to talk. You want conversation to flow naturally.

// You want to feel safe in the knowledge of who you are.  You don’t want it to feel like school again. You want to be liked without all the crap attached.

// You want to be able to answer the phone calls + the text messages. You’re sick of making excuses like “Sorry my phone was on silent” or “I have other plans”, or “I’m not well.”

Unhermit Yourself is where you get to figure out the awesomesauce secret to being able to get off the couch in your trackie dacks + confidently get out to your local café/music festival/wedding.

You’ll be able to eat that cake…

Feel peaceful as you wait for your friend when she’s late…

Wear that beautiful dress at the back of your cupboard…

Burn those trackie dacks…

Speak at that event you’ve been dying to be involved in…

Wake up on the day of your event with a BIG smile on your face. (The real kind, not the fakey mcfake pants kind).

Find your voice and speak her truth.

(Hint: The awesomesauce secret ingredient is you + desire to do the work + resilience + fun.)

Want to unhermit yourself? Arrange a time via email: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com


  • $300 per month – 3 month package (10% discount if paid in full – $810)
  • $250 per month  for 6 month package (10% discount if paid in full – $1350)