rebekah“I had recently had my second child and was struggling with trying to focus on establishing health and fitness routines (in hope of teaching my children a healthy way of living and gaining energy and confidence myself). I was also looking to connect with God – as I made adjustments in other areas of life – ensuring He was always first in my life. In hearing about the concept of life coaching, I began to wonder what exactly it was all about. I asked Diana, and as I read through her explanation of what she as a life coach aimed to do, it really rang true with me that this was the sort of thing that could potentially help me through some difficult but vital life changes.

I had never worked with a coach before, so in many ways was not sure what to expect. I was hoping to find someone who would hold me accountable and encourage me along the journey. Before our first session I honestly was a little nervous but also excited to begin the journey of growth. The biggest thing I recall from the first session was the shift in thinking from negative goals to positive goals.

My loved ones have noticed the changes since coaching with Diana. In particular my husband has commented on how much more settled, confident and focused I am – always excited when I have a session with Diana because he knows it’s time I enjoy and that helps me. I’ve also had a number of people comment that I must have lost weight – according to the scales I haven’t – obviously the confidence is helping how I look to others.

The biggest change I have noticed in myself was my ability to deal with stressful situations, and to just give myself a bit of a break – enjoying the little things in life. I suppose mindfulness would be the best word for it. As a result, I resigned from my job, facilitating an opportunity to focus on enjoying my kids and my health.

No doubt, I’ll be back for coaching in the future as life shifts and I find new goals to focus on but I found the coaching experience was perfect for this phase.  Coaching with Diana was positive, encouraging and motivating.

Diana, thank you for a wonderful coaching series. It has been such a pleasure working with you toward some goals that are really dear to my heart. Thank you for being an understanding ear, and encouraging voice, through what were some very difficult and personal times, allowing me to share my struggles while feeling safe & valued.”

Rebekah Curnow, Toowoomba, Australia.