Scrumptious Saturday – Bliss Balls


I’ve been doing a fair bit of cooking since getting my Thermomix. It’s just so easy to blitz everything in it. I don’t usually make up my own recipes but I decided today I would give it a try. This recipe is a combination of two recipes. One from Nat Kringoudis’ site “Fertilise Yourself” called “HT Amazeballs Deluxe” and the other from Danielle Davey over at “Raw and Pure.”

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The Journey…


So… I’m a social butterfly. Well… usually… Sure. I like my moments of quiet, but I’m not very good at the whole meditation thing. One minute I’m sitting there quietly…and then I’ll think about the poor plants in the garden which haven’t been watered for a month. Before you know it I’m out there trying to revive their limp looking lifeless leaves. Thanks to Elle Griffin in her blog post “Must I meditate” I feel less guilty now. I love this particular quote from her blog post:

“God doesn’t just meet us in silence, but in sequins. And women were designed to dazzle. So no, we don’t have to meditate to awaken to our soul, to meet God, to understand our soul’s purpose. We can do it the feminine way. The kind of way that feels a little bit more like drinking champagne and a little bit less like burning incense.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

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Hi, I’m so excited you’re here.  I have so many exciting things to share with you. My heart’s desire is to tap into my creativity.  Growing up I always wanted to be a journalist… But I was called into the teaching ministry….  something I still very much love to this day…. However, the writer in me is ready to come out.  To reveal her ‘God Colours.’ This blog is currently in progress. Please be patient as I tweak the site.  I’m super excited about this new venture. The Newsletter is now functional but stay tuned for when the first one will be launched.  Sign up for the newsletter at the top of the page.  Go on…I know you want to…

Thanks for coming on the journey….

Grounding myself down at the local lake. #coconutwater #blissballs #picnic #grounding

Grounding myself down at the local lake. #coconutwater #blissballs #picnic #grounding

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