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So glad you are here. Welcome to my online digs. You’ve also stumbled across my free resources page. As you will see some resources are just for newsletter subscribers and others for the collective sisterhood. Newsletter subscribers get emailed once a week and I never spam or send on your information. The benefits of being a newsletter subscriber are numerous. You get first dibs on any discounts on offer (coaching, workshops, webinars, e-courses and e-books), insider knowledge on upcoming e-course and webinars, and access to free e-books, podcasts and vlogs. Really what I’m trying to tell you is:

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When you sign up to the newsletter you will get a copy of my E-Books “Worthy: Affirmations and Prayers to Evoke your Confident Spirit”, and “Your guide to being Secure and Sure.”

WORTHY: Affirmations and Prayers to Evoke your Confident Spirit

Worthy is your 10 page guide to help you develop your confident spirit. It has some beautifully designed pages (affirmations, prayers and quotes) you could print out and put on your wall, in your office, heck anywhere you need to see a word of encouragement.prayer

Think of this guide as a stepping stone that will help you start to make the steps to feeling confident. It explains what affirmations are, how to use them and discusses their benefits. The prayer section includes a prayer for you that you can pray because I know some people are new to this way of connecting with God so I wanted to provide a lovely prayer to help you feel worthy.

“Your Guide to Being Secure and Sure.”

This is a beauty! It is a 15 page document and differs from “Worthy: Affirmations and Prayers to Evoke Your Confident Spirit” in that it has activities for you to unpack to help you discover your secure self.

There are journal prompt activities, a discussion on what it means to be secure and sure and how to tap into this concept, affirmations, a prayer you can display or repeat when needed and even a 7 day challenge to get you started on your way to a more secure and sure you. It’s a labour of love (literally I was working on this while I was in labour with my son – I just didn’t realise I was in labour). At the moment this guide is attached to the newsletter which is sent out every Tuesday so it doesn’t come just yet with the automation. (But it will eventually). So stick around as it will be on it’s way.

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