Rising from the Ashes is a 3 month coaching series for women who experience anxiety.

This coaching package is for you if:

Learning how to say ‘no’.

You struggle with knowing how to say ‘no’ and want to know how to establish healthy boundaries so that you can incorporate more play and perhaps even get some nourishing sleep. (Did somebody say ‘learn how to turn off technology so you can sleep better at night? SO.MUCH.YES).

Dealing with emotional meltdowns

You want to learn how to deal with meltdowns so that you can make right decisions. You’ll learn some easy to use catchphrases to help you when those steam roller typed people try to bully you into making a decision or when they bait you to make an opinion. (*Steam roller typed people = those people who pepper you with awkward questions, mostly in public, that catch you off guard and have you melting down quicker than a salted caramel icecream on a hot summer’s day).

Overcoming Overwhelm

You are trying to juggle too many balls. You’re a mum who feels anxious about gluing cotton balls to a plate (ewww craft) but you can’t help but worry that you’re potentially harming your child by not giving them this opportunity. Yet, craft makes you shudder and you crave to work on your business, or to study. Heck, to read a book would be nice. This series will help you to prioritise what balls are most important and how to slam dunk them into the right places (even if that is to the bin).

Stop seeking external approval

You don’t even have to be a mum to do this series. Perhaps you’re simply the type of gal who is an over thinker and want to talk it out with someone so you can learn how to believe in yourself more. When you believe in yourself you no longer seek external approval. You know ‘does my butt look big in these pants?’ ‘Is my essay too controversial?’  ‘Will my bestie like my new boyfriend?’  ‘Will my friend think yoga is too spiritual and I’ve gone too woo woo?’  Chatting it out over the 3 months will help you to process all of those thoughts racing around in your head. Productively. Yep, you’ll have ACTUAL steps to take when the thoughts threaten to overwhelm you.

The root cause of your anxiety

You want to get to the root cause of your anxiety and heal it. As a mind detox method practitioner I can guide you to finding out the EXACT age you wired in anxiety, what beliefs you formed during the event and how to change the belief so that you can get rapid, fast results that see your anxiety disappear faster than a long weekend. (Boo, why do long weekends go so fast?)


Through these 6 one hour sessions (via Skype or Uber Conference) you will uncover what your anxiety triggers are and how to work alongside of them. This series is more for women who have done a lot of significant work with their anxiety and would just love extra guidance and support in their life or business ventures.

By the end of the series you will have explored:

  • How to have more fun in your life.
  • Recognise your anxiety triggers and how to work with them.
  • The importance of silence.
  • How to feel more and think less. (Worry less and trust more).
  • Decision making processes
  • Assertive communications. Learn how to say ‘no’ so that you can say ‘yes’ more to life!
  • Quit people pleasing.
  • Identify and set clear boundaries.
  • Using creativity to soothe your anxiety.


The 3 months include:

+ 1:1 access to individualised coaching. You get to chat (typically) once a fortnight for 1 hr with me about your anxiety and what’s going on in your life. We then strategise action steps for the next fortnight.

6 sessions (1 hr Skype/Uber Conference sessions).

Unlimited email access. This online journalling process reveals a lot about yourself and your anxiety. You can email me your questions, written work and seek feedback. As a priority 1:1 client you will be responded to quickly and with appropriate steps and questions to guide you.

Worksheets and various resources to help you with your anxiety. These resources will give you clarity with your individual situation and help you with decisions that need to be made and with unlocking anxiety triggers that may be keeping you stuck and helpful tips/questions to guide you out of stucksville. These are designed to be easily implementable into your day.

Your Investment: TBA (New package details coming 2024)