• Are you ready to take the leap?

    Standing at the

    I’m standing on the precipice of time…

    Looking out onto the horizon and wondering what my life has in store for me…

    I’ve reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows…

    All of which have brought me to this place in time where I stand with open arms waiting to receive…

    I look at and see my opportunities. Some of them are so close I can touch them. Others are so far away that I would need to adventure to get to them… but I’m ready. I have so many stories inside of me but yet I can get stuck in stories.

    You do it too.

    You are there, waiting, looking out onto the horizon and you want to adventure to lands unknown but that scares you. You’ve heard about them, seen pictures on Facebook and Instagram but yet you’re not sure if you are really worth the travels. You don’t think you’re unworthy on the surface (although some of you are), but subconsciously you lack self-love and this manifests itself in playing small.


  • When your spiritual practice feels woo woo and not you you.

    girl in field

    Right now your cute little spiritual practice is starting to feel a little woo woo to you rather than you you. (See what I did there…)

    You have a hunger in your soul. You want more.

    But you don’t want to DO MORE.

    Spirituality can sometimes be like a piñata. There’s so many different layers that make up the final piece.

    Yours might take the form of yoga, praying or even the art of lunar abundance and becoming in tune with lady Lunar’s cycles.

    And that’s super cool…

    If that’s what you love to do.


  • Spirit Seeker Interview – Elizabeth McKenzie


    Hi Gorgeous,

    I’m back from my road tripping holiday to Sydney for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy Inspiration Day where I got to hear the beautiful Julie Parker, Dr Ezzie Spencer and Megan Dalla-Camina speak. I also came back from the trip with a souvenir cold so I’ve been resting up as much as I can.  So today I have something special for you. Rather than talk about my trip this week and the lessons learnt I am going to save that for another week and I have this beautiful video interview with Elizabeth McKenzie for you.

    I recorded this interview back in March and I was hoping to get it up on the blog then but Flynn came 2 weeks early! So I’ve been saving this for you and I believe intuitively that someone really needs to hear it this week.