• The Power of Grace


    A Mother’s Lense

    My heart has changed a lot since I’ve become a  mother. I’ve started to see things a lot differently. Through a mother’s lense.

    This week there were two instances where I used these new lenses. The first was while watching a programme about Ivan Milat, the infamous backpacker murderer here in Australia.  As I looked at Flynn, my 6 week old, I wondered how must his mother have felt to find out her son had committed such atrocities? He would have started out just like Flynn. A baby.

    As I snuggled Flynn close and my heart swelled with such love for this child I contemplated what makes children grow up and become murderers. Did his mother cuddle him close? Did she whisper ‘I love you’s‘ in the wee hours of the morning? Did he feel loved? The whole is it nature versus nurture?

    I then watched the news a couple of days later to find out the two Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed on drugs charges. How must their mothers feel? Again, they started out just like my Flynn.

    I say a prayer over Flynn in that moment. For his future, that he will meet friends who will influence him positively, that one day he’ll be a good husband, that he’ll treat people with love and respect. That Jesus will be the light of His life and that this light will shine brightly in a world full of evils.