Month: July 2018

  • The lone cow…

    Lonely African American Woman With Group Go Other Girls Outdoors

    Coming back from the Sunshine Coast after having had my hair done (ala Reese Witherspoon style I tell you!), I took a sideways glimpse as I was driving.

    I watched as these cows were all lined up, one behind the other, strolling behind taking it all in.

    Then I noticed there was one off to the side. She was looking around and at one point wandered away from the group of cows.

    I saw one cow look back at the lone cow.


  • Fit in or F*ck Off.

    punk woman

    When I’m driving in the car another personality comes out.

    The one that drops the ‘F’ bomb when someone cuts me off, or the one that MAY speed up to the back of the person who had previously been tailgating me.

    My anxiety is pretty good these days but the car brings out the worst in me.

    Anyways, I pull up at a set of lights and there’s another ‘F’ bomb on the back of a white ute.

    The sticker has a picture of a map of Australia and inside of the map it says ‘Fit in or F*ck off.’