Month: April 2018

  • Puke! {Tales of a stomach bug}

    Flynn sick

    I got the phone call.

    Flynn needed to be picked up from day care. He was sick.

    I rescheduled my coaching clients and took a breather to make a cup of chai tea to take with me.

    It was after all shaping up to be quite a strange day.

    It started with a morning sess of yoga, which was absolute bliss.

    Then went downhill faster than an aerial skier ready to take flight.


  • Feeling Wobbly?

    Afro American Girl Doing Sport

    I stripped off my yoga pants and tops and delicately placed my cami bra and undies on the hooks in the shower at the yoga studio.  Praying that they wouldn’t fall into the shower water below.

    There was only a spot outside the door for the rest of my gear.

    Enjoying the warmth of the water after a yoga sess felt good.

    I heard someone outside the door.

    I talked to myself (in my head).