Month: January 2018

  • Do this one thing to kick shame to the curb!

    Close-up of young woman consoling depressed female friend at hom

    My hands were shaking like a leaf in the wind.

    My heart was pounding in my chest like a drummer beating her sticks against her drum.

    I hit the Facebook Live button with a feeling of nervous energy.

    You see after last week’s Facebook Live on ‘When you’re jealous and have anxiety’ I had so many people inbox me to tell me how much the tips helped.

    There was also one from my ex.

    And you know what it rattled me.

    It peeled back the wound just a little bit further, knocking the scab a little and making it ooze just a little bit more.

    So when I got onto the Facebook Live I was a little nervous.


  • Confessions of a jealous ex wife

    jealousClick, click.

    Scroll, scroll.

    My heart sinks into the pit of my stomach like the Titanic to the bottom of the sea.

    I feel the slow descent of my spirit as I see my first husband has now remarried.

    I’d only popped into Facebook to have a quick look. I was curious after all as to whether he had aged ungracefully like the rock stars of old (*cough* Mick Jagger style).