Month: December 2017

  • How I got better after a year of sickness with this one simple hack

    Laughing African American Girl With Afro.

    It was a Saturday morning and I was on a phone call to my own awesome life coach. My eyeballs hurt like there were stabbing knives in them. After all, I hadn’t had a good sleep the night before. I was tired but wired and trying to do all the things: social media, writing my coursework, coaching clients, marketing, emails, and then juggling mama/wife life and teaching.

    All in the name of getting ahead and living the freedom lifestyle.

    I wanted to do work on my terms but I wasn’t haven’t fun anymore.

    I was doing things in the name of ‘consistency’ and ‘routine.’

    I have to write a blog post this week, I have to send out that email, I need to craft offerings better.

    Do that course, or see that person.

    I got onto the call with my scratchy throat and could feel the sneezes just building up inside my nose like a chimney that needs a good clean out.