Cup of coffee in woman's hands with bright pink manicure

The broken tea cup lay,
Shattered in the bin,
Discarded by someone who didn’t understand,
It’s true beauty.

‘It’s just a cup’ he said.
‘But it is my favourite’ the girl cried,
‘You can always get another one’ he continued.

No you can’t.
This one was beautiful.
And everything beautiful gets taken away from me,
It’s discarded into the bin, tossed aside like last night’s cold dinner.

It was special,
It invoked inspiration,
It reminded the girl of childlikeness and awe,
It was limited edition,
No more were made.

And here it lay,
Broken, shattered.
Apparently, meaningless.

But it wasn’t to the girl,
The girl loved beauty,
She longed for it,
She tried to find ways to bring it into her cluttered, busy, disorganised life.

A cup of tea in that cup,
Was bliss,
It transported her from an adult,
Into a wonderland of hopes and dreams.

She dreamt with that cup,
She wrote with that cup.
And now here it was broken,
No longer needed, no longer regarded,
Just discarded.

‘It could be replaced’ he said,
‘No it couldn’t.’

By Diana Braybrooke ©


Sometimes life with anxiety feels like fine China.

It feels fragile.

And you need to be held with tender, loving care.

You want to feel the warmth of confidence floating through your system,

Rather than the bitterness of the green tea leaves.


Today, I simply want to remind you of your majesty.

That even though you may think so high up in the sky sometimes (like my tea cup moment where I felt like the tea cup was far more symbolic than just a carrier of tea).

That it is totally ok to do so.

There’s beauty there.

How many people see things the way you do?

How many people just see the tea cup and not broken dreams that lay shattered on the ground?

How many people see the opportunity to buy another tea cup when you see that things keep being taken away from you?


Gorgeous one,

Your tea cup, whatever that represents to you is important.

It may be your desire to leave your job, to quit apologising for no reason, or to feel radiant and energetic (cause I soooo know how anxiety zaps you right?)

But you feel overwhelmed.

Boil the kettle.

Listen to the bubbles rising up waiting to shout its praises ‘I am here.’

Don’t flip the switch 2 seconds before it’s finishing its song.

Use this moment as a meditative technique.

A mindfulness practice in a few minutes.

To recognise your anxiety, the message it is sending you and to simply JUST BE.

Until the kettle whistles again.

Are you ready to get out the fine china and pour in your tea? Are you ready to be mindful in order to ease your anxiety?

I am.

Sit, hold it firmly in your hands, and breathe deeply from your diaphragm as you exhale tension.

You’ve got this.






Are you an anxious women who would like to see beauty in the fine China but needs guidance on how to be mindful in the moment? I can help.  Email me: for coaching enquires.

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