Beautiful woman with red hat laughing while on coffee break

Oh hey there gorgeous.

You with the big dreams.

Dreams like leaving your soul sucking job and learning how to make artisan coffee. Even as you think about it you can smell the Arabica beans in the air. It smells so divine, like Christmas, every day.

You can see yourself with your own cute little hipter café, with doilies and daisies in old jam jars.

Perhaps your dreams are just simply to be able to get out of bed without anxiety making your hands shake and your head ache.

Or to go to that wedding without knowing anyone, but doing so with kick ass confidence.

To wear that dress you’ve always wanted to wear, but you’re too scared to because you still have your mum tum and your anxiety tells you that ‘you can’t wear that! People will think you’re pregnant.’

And then there are those seasons of ill health where you just lack energy. It’s hard enough when you have anxiety sapping the energy out of you and then add on ill health and it’s like a coffee van has run over you.

Except that caffeine boost from the coffee is now on the road and not even in your system.

That’s enough to make you cry a ‘latte’ tears… (Yeah I went there…)

I get it.

Being sick sucks. And when it seems to happen over and over it can really drain your confidence slower than when my hair clogs up the shower drains.

So what can you do to get motivated when you have illness related lack of energy?


Set smaller action steps each day

One thing that I have been doing as I make my peace with having adrenal fatigue (just think always tired and a weak immune system), is to set smaller action steps.

At the moment I have broken them into 4 tangible actions.

For example, today I had email people to invite onto podcast, challenge creation (yep, a challenge complete with prizes is coming to the blog soon), blog post and newsletter. That’s it.

Instead of looking at a gazillion to do things on a list and getting wayyyy overwhelmed, these 4 tasks are doable. Plus, each task adds up at the end of the week.

If you’re anything like me, I have a few projects on the go so now I’ve also narrowed into two projects and doing them well before I move onto another creative adventure.

By setting smaller action steps you avoid overwhelm and don’t over tire yourself in the process.


Make self- care a priority. 

Before you start doing the chores, do 1 nice thing for yourself. As a busy mama I totally get that you feel like you have to get all the jobs done first before you sit down to your cuppa.

And then the toddler wakes up earlier than usually, screaming out for you and shattering any plans you had to just have a moment.

It doesn’t have to be bubble baths and candles.

//It can be just sitting in your favourite chair, away from technology and just closing your eyes and taking 10 deep breaths in and out.

//It could be praying or listening to a worship song.

//It could be eating that absolutely divine artisan chocolate you bought for such a time as this.

When I started doing the nice thing first it felt completely unnatural.

What I noticed though was my productivity was up directly afterwards because I had taken time out to recharge.

And now it feels more unnatural and frustrating if I don’t get my self-care in first before doing all the things!


Give yourself permission to slow down

When you’re lacking motivation due to health related illness it is actually ok to slow down. In fact, it is probably your body sending you messages to just be still.

//Factor in moments where you have tech free time or a day where you choose not to do all the chores.

//Sit at the dinner table instead of eating with the dinner plate rested on your lap as you watch home renovation shows on that 9 Life channel.

//Walk more slowly instead of rushing about.

// Catch yourself as you are talking and slow it down to 50 %.

// Organise an in house retreat day (even if that may include setting up a cubby house under the dining table with your children and eating delicious treats with your kids. Take in all of their delicious laughter).


Recognise that this is a season

We tend to create problems for ourselves when we resist what is happening.

Accept that it is happening and find ways to work with your lack of energy and motivation.

Set small action steps, rest when needed, and give yourself permission to slow down.  This is (usually) just a season.  Comparing yourself to another person’s journey isn’t helping your anxiety. In fact it makes it worse.

If you find yourself comparing maybe think about using an app that shuts down Social Media after a set time or place your computer somewhere where it will be an effort to get it.

Check in with yourself as to what that person is triggering in you and sit with it.  Then move forward with what your soul needs, not what it wants of that other person.

I know, this is actually a REALLY hard thing to do. If you’re stuck, feel the feels, it’s all good but set a timer to feel all of the frustrations and then move forward with something that fills you with gratitude.






*If you feel like your energy is waning (and feel like it is out of control or debilitating),then please see a health professional to check if you have clinical anxiety and depression.

I’d love to know below, what has helped you when you have faced lack of motivation when you’ve had a season of ill health. Comment below. Please share the post if you loved it using the buttons below.  If you’d love help getting more motivated so that you can get out of bed and face the day with more energy and direction I’d love to hear from you. Email me: for more details.