Month: April 2017

  • Why I am going on a month long blogging break?

    How are you going? Things are going so well here now that I’ve been prioritising my health.

    I’m sure you’d understand with anxiety that it can keep you running yourself into the ground, which then results in lowered immune systems and then lowered resistance which then just keeps adding to the anxiety.

    It’s like one bad movie on repeat. Playing the same lines to you over and over, making you feel cranky and frustrated.

    One of the things though that has really helped me has been seeing the naturopath and seeing where this energy has all been going.

  • Is comparisonitis a form of procrastination?

    Hey gorgeous,

    Comparisonitis sucks hey! One minute you’ve popped into Facebook to check that dinner date with your friends and then the next you’re stuck in the vortex of looking at what that famous person has bought, or that friend whose body bounced back straight after having a baby or frothing over your friend’s business which is SUPER successful and she started about 6 months after you.


    It’s so frustrating.  (Like that one time you left your fav lippie in the car during summer and it melted! *CRY*)

    I soooo get it.

    I’ve been stuck there for a bit now. In fact, I’ve caught myself day in, day out scrolling mindlessly looking at what others are doing and then researching stuff to help and then falling into a heap at the end wondering if it is all worth it after all.


  • Do you feel like a fraud?

    coffee thinking woman journalling

    Hello dear one,

    You that is experiencing anxiety.  The one who feels like a fraud.

    I get it. I soooo do.

    This week  gone I was asked to give the offering message in Kids’ Church on the topic of generosity.

    I started to prepare the message in typical ‘Di’ fashion. Tried to find a cool video clip to engage the kids, or a funny illustration.

    But as I spent wayyy too long trying to make the kids like the message I felt God say ‘Tell the truth. Be yourself and I want you to tell that story about Italy and the homeless lady.’


  • An open letter to my anxiety

    Young Caucasian Woman Thinking And Writing Something On A Notebo

    Dear Anxiety,

    You suck sometimes.

    You make me think that I’m not popular or important.  This sees me checking my blog posts, newsletter subscriber list and social media on a daily basis. You make me want to see if people like my work. You make me feel like I have to be validated in order to be doing the important work.

    Sometimes I want to give up on what I do. I mean, I have been working my butt off after all. Working and not having overly a lot of fun, well, it isn’t fun. The poetry I write these days is all about stillness and craving quiet, yet you provide noise. So much noise.


  • Getting motivated when you’re in a season of ill health

    Beautiful woman with red hat laughing while on coffee break

    Oh hey there gorgeous.

    You with the big dreams.

    Dreams like leaving your soul sucking job and learning how to make artisan coffee. Even as you think about it you can smell the Arabica beans in the air. It smells so divine, like Christmas, every day.

    You can see yourself with your own cute little hipter café, with doilies and daisies in old jam jars.