I like to experiment. 😉

Like the one time my friends dared me to eat as many Fantales (that’s like an Aussie sticky caramel lolly for the non Aussies). Now on its own, probably not a problem.

But I had braces on my teeth and for those of you who have gone through the pain staking (but oh how cool, let’s choose awesome elastic band colours to go onto them stage), you know that you aren’t supposed to eat lollies.

Orrrrr maybe it’s because you may just clamp your jaw shut as tight as your mum’s wallet.

And you may be on a train heading to a camp site.


There may be stacks of drool and panic.

My ‘oh my goodness I’m going to die’ moment came.

But just as death was imminent (yeah anxiety had a grip on me back then in my teens) my jaw pried open and I can breathe.

This week’s experiment landed me with a migraine that felt like it was splitting my head open like a coconut ready to have its juice poured into my pina colada.

Actually, a pina colada would have come in handy to help with the pain.

I digress.


So here I was trying my latest herbal remedy for anxiety.

Gaba Calm.

I’d  been reading in an anxiety nutrition book how Gaba is good for your anxiety. It’s like the alcohol in your pina colada. It’s meant to chill you out.

But you know like alcohol, it has different effects.

It made me calm…

But it also gave me the splitting migraine thanks to the Tyrosine.  I mean after all it is helping you change your neurotransmitters in your brain.

Think of neurotransmitters  as chemical messengers for your brain.

Which brings me to my point.

What works for someone else’s anxiety may not work for you!


Have you ever had someone pretty much offer you a whole heap of Fantales (sweeteners) that they think will help you with your anxiety?

//Oh just think more positively.

//Pray this particular prayer.
//Stop worrying.

// You aren’t trusting God.

// It’s all in your head.

// Take this medicine.

// Do yoga.

// Drink green juice.

// Up your magnesium.

// Journal.


And while all of those things are awesome tools in the tool kit you have to do what your body feels right for you and what fits your values.

So what can you do?

When anxiety arises I can guarantee you that you’ll probably want to busy yourself right? Oh look, squeeeeeal! A beautifully packaged artisan coffee is begging to be made.

But I want you to sit with the uncomfortable feelings.

Close your eyes if it helps.

Bring awareness to where you are feeling those anxious feelings.


Now grab a notebook and pen and get writing.

What is it that you are feeling? Describe it in details.

And I know anxiety will make you want to rush the process.

Stop. Breathe into the feeling. Keep writing.

What is the emotion and what could it be about? Why is it here? What is it triggering in me?

What is it that I am thinking that could be creating this thinking?

What is this feeling trying to tell me?


Start here.

Start by acknowledging what is going on, so when anxiety toolkit options are presented to you, you know instinctively what will work for you.

Remember God has given you his spirit to discern things in your life. You can call upon it to help!

And if you’re unsure of how to unlock all of these feeling email me at : thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com and find out how you can access what your anxiety is trying to communicate with you and have someone who can guide you through some irresistible tips to relieve the stress and anxiety from your life. (Fantales optional).