Month: January 2017

  • The new way to focus at work (and at home).

    girl on couch sad

    The alarm goes off, you cringe.

    Fumbling for your phone you swipe on the snooze button.

    Just 5 more minutes please.

    And despite the fact you can’t go to sleep, because you’ve got first day back at work after hols anxious vibes jumping around inside of you, like that time you were jumping into the pool on hols.

    Just wanting to get away from the heat of the day.


  • Managing Your Stress


    This week I went back to my teaching job for the year. I’ve gone back with a real peace in my spirit that God really has something in this for me and to just be really organised this year to avoid overwhelm.

    I’m generally an organised person but stress still plays a massive role in my life.

    The best kinda way to describe stress is like those elastic bands. Each time a new stress is added, another gets added to the ball. Eventually it becomes so big that you can even bounce the ball about. It’s jumping all over the place. And if you cut the elastic it starts to contract back, wriggling away into its former state.


  • How to deal with a scary diagnosis?

    frustrated girl

    Hey gorgeous girls,

    I’m back from my 1 week blog holiday and even though I wouldn’t say I’m bouncing with energy (because you know, staying up too late to read books after my toddler goes to sleep) is reality some times.

    If you’re in the closed Facebook group HERE, you would have heard that I had a suspicious mole cut out.