It was the last day of school. I’d cleaned up my desk, finished reports and had planned out the next term’s work. At the last minute I decided to check my business email as I really wanted to be present for my cute as a button toddler Flynn.

As I opened it up I saw ‘Congratulations’ peeping in the email.

I opened it up to see that CEO and Founder of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy Julie Parker had nominated me for a Shine Award.

I may have cried a little.

I have been working really hard behind the scenes to really make something of what I do, which is to help you as a woman with anxiety feel  more confident and calm.

Cause having anxiety sucks. It’s freaking scary sometimes, like the time I was driving on a dirt road too fast and starting fish tailing across the road before stopping paper thin close next to a tree.

Your anxiety fish tails too. At its height it feels like it will never slow down but eventually it does but it often feels like a close call. Meltdown survived but frazzled nonetheless.

So to be honoured with the title of being a finalist is beyond exciting for me. If I can raise the profile for women with anxiety then I will take the opportunity with both hands, cupping it like my fav artisan coffee from a hipster café.

A ‘Shine Award’ is for the Beautiful You Coach who embodies the values of the company. It’s about showing up consistently and providing value back to our clients. It’s about having a heart and an authentic drive to do the work, both professionally and personally.

Light seems to show up a lot in my life. Even the high school I attended motto was ‘Luceat Lux Vestra’ which in Latin means ‘Let Your Light Shine.’

In my faith as a Christian we also have this beautiful verse from Matthew 5:16 that talks about ‘Letting your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.’

To me, being a finalist in this category means shining my light brightly. It’s about making a difference to women with anxiety so that they not only know their worth but they actually feel it too.


Being a finalist to me is for:

// Showing up consistently and loving on you girls.

// It’s having an assertive conversation with someone who has slandered you on the internet but lovingly seeing beyond their pain and accepting forgiveness when asked for it.

// Learning as much as I can about best coaching practices. Especially about anxiety and what can help you navigate the fish tail of a car and bring the car to a safe halt.

// All the times I’ve cried and gotten frustrated over tech issues. WordPress the platform I use to host this website annoys me some days. I’ve deleted pages of work and cried.

// It’s about being teachable and learning from your fellow coaches. I’m not perfect. Heck no. Coaching helps keep me accountable to my goals and helps me to commit to being professional and personal development.

// Believing in my dream and dropping down the hours at work to concentrate on building a biz.

// Being a part of a sisterhood and supporting them whenever I can. I genuinely love going to your events, workshops and reading your emails.

// The support group I run here on Facebook. You girls rock. Come join us. We’d love to have you.

// My clients who have trusted me to be their coach. You inspire me. I tear up when I see how far you have come. I see your struggle and yet you keep showing up. So being a finalist is for you as well, because you just keep showing up.


It’s easy to be disheartened when you look around you and what others have. As women with anxiety it is easy to ask the million questions ‘Why is she so popular?’ ‘Why can’t I lose the weight?’ and ‘Why does she have the perfect family.’

And even ‘Why can’t I be less crazy? Anxiety sucks.’

Let your beautiful light shine dear one.

I know it seems like it is dim right now but I assure you each little step that you take is brightening you up from the inside out.

//The simple act of reading this blog and learning all things anxiety. AMAZING.

//The fact that you are thinking about getting help for your anxiety. SUPERB!

//Your showing up each and every day to live alongside of your anxiety. WOW. That’s so good. The fact that you keep getting up in itself is a HUGE deal.

Let your light shine darling.

Step by step.

One little challenge at a time.
What area of your anxiety needs some light shed on it? Is it decluttering? Is it you need to exercise to improve your energy levels? Do you need to speak with someone?

Start with one step.

You always have a choice.

I choose to continue to shine my light even when the days are long and the rewards seem so far away. I choose to show up for you because you matter. I choose to work on my own anxiety by incorporating a number of modalities: naturopathy, medicine, massage, exercise, nutrition,  coaching and psychotherapy. I have chosen to dive in and embrace these modalities but you can just start at 1 if it feels overwhelming.

What will yours be?






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