I am the whisper in the trees,

Lean in.

Can you hear me?

I am magnificent. Yours.

A soul whisper, gently on the breeze,

Speaking to your beating heart,

A heart that longs to rest.


Come, dear one.

Sit under the warmth of my branches,

Where I can caress you,

Nurture you, protect you from the heat of the day.

My leaves dance in your presence,

They delight in the beauty of who you are.


You are magnificent, the whisper gets stronger.

You are beauty because you grow in my greatness,

My arms stretch out over you,

You see shadows, but I see love personified,

Outstretched over you so these soul whispers can continue to get louder.


Will you listen?

Close your eyes so you can hear my message.

Deeply breathe in the oxygen I give you so freely,

Now can you hear me?

The noise of the city dims,

There’s no screens here, no words praising me,

Am I ok with that?

I’ve got you.


Lie down under my shade,

You don’t need to be on guard,

Blue skies adorn me,

Displaying my grandeur.


I feel bliss.

No judgement.



It feels so good.


Lean in.

I am yours. If only you’d hear me more.

Remember these soul whispers lovely one.

I’m not here to judge.

You’re not here to prove your worth to me.


I made you.


Do you remember?


I’m still here.

In the whisper of the trees,

I’m shouting my love for you.

My boughs are strong,

Set up your swing and have some fun.


Let me be your strength.

I’ll blow a mighty wind of anointing through you,

If only you’d let me.


I’m here.

I’ve got you.

Lean in.


Plant your roots near me and I’ll feed you.

The family tree grows in strength.

I want you so much.

I need you darling.

I’ve got you.

Your beloved.


Lately I’ve been writing a lot of poems (like the one above). It’s like my soul is craving to be heard and in it pours out these beautiful words. As I read over the words I penned last week, I see a girl who is craving a deeper connection with God.

At the moment I feel like there’s a real cleansing spirit going on in me.

I crave to connect on so many levels.

I want to know God in a more real way. I want Him to penetrate my very being and permeate out of me so I can really be of use to the world.

Yet, I feel awkward sometimes.

Like you, I don’t feel good enough to approach God on some days.

It’s easy to cover up our emotions with doing things or by just going through the motions.

And I don’t want to do that any more. In fact my soul craves a deeper connection.


Outside of working through my faith I’ve also been cleansing my body.

I’ve been reading through ‘Heal Your Gut’ by Lee Holmes and I batch cooked a whole heap of soup on the weekend.

You see I know my body feels absolutely wrecked. I feel tired. I feel gluggy. I feel worn out.

I crave sleep.

I exercise. I eat nourishing food but something needed to be different.

I also have Leaky Gut so I know I needed to give my body a good clean out.

I had some ummm interesting results today.

Right before one of my classes finished today (I teach high schoolers 2 days a week) I had to walk out of class and make a beeline for the toilet.

I was dizzy. I was sweating profusely.

Relief most certainly came.

It felt gross at the time but I know this releasing (pardon the pun) is going to do me a world of good.

I’m going to feel clearer, have better skin and lose the bloating.


You see some times we have to cleanse in order to be able to call more good into our lives.

Where do you need more clarity?

Do you feel like your anxiety is causing you brain fog?

Or perhaps you’re  on this faith journey and you just can’t connect with God? It feels like you need to work, work , work to have His approval?

Perhaps you’ve given up on the idea that a God could even be so loving towards you. Maybe you feel like His love is completely out of reach.

Maybe you don’t know what job you are going back to in 2017.

Or you just broke up with your partner and you can’t see yourself with them in your life. You’ve got ‘Because of You’ by Kelly Clarkson on repeat.


I’m here to tell you that you were born for such a time as this!

Cleansing is a good time to re-evaluate what is important in your life.

You can simply start by asking ‘What needs to go in my life?’

//It may be that you do need to let go of your workaholic attitude in order to make time for God.

// You may need to learn more about how to ‘fight fair’ and have assertive communications before you even consider partnering up again.

// You may need to clear out the cupboards of temptations. And most importantly – DEAL with the emotions behind why you are emotional eating. Get out your journal and find out why?

// Cleansing may be about letting go of toxic friends.

Whatever it may be, now is the time to cleanse yourself of the things that are weighing you down (like that third donut you just downed. It was ‘healthy’ damn it!).

Now I’m not hear to judge. I’ve eaten my fair share of donuts. I’ve ignored God on soooo many occasions. I’m definitely a mood eater and I crave people pleasing more than a lot of people do.

You are so worthy, even with your anxiety to cleanse and let go of these things that are holding you back.

Are you ready?





If you’d love help cleansing some things out of your life so you can feel lighter, have more clarity with decision making and just have more fun, get on a call with me: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com