frustrated girl

The past 3 months have cracked me open like a poached egg on a Sunday morning. Like the egg, I feel like I have been poured into the hot water, swirled around in amongst the vinegar and dumped out onto a dry toast.

I’ve had waaaaaay worse trials than this. I’m sure you tell yourself similar things.

‘This is nothing compared to so and so.’

‘I just have to put on my brave face.’

‘I’m just being silly. I’ve probably manifesting it up. You know brought it into existence through my million and one thoughts about it.’

My health has been the worst it has been in a long time. The last time I felt this rotten it was right after I insisted I take myself off my medication because ‘I was happy after all.’

Months and months of vomiting, dizziness, emergency room visits and little answers apart from some Doctors prescribing me Somac (Acid-Reflux medication).

It wasn’t until one Doctor asked my history from start to finish and concluded I had depression and anxiety and the healing began.

Now, this feels different in so many ways. It’s been colds mainly and my voice has been effected the most.

I asked one of my mentors about why this would be happening on a mind detox learning and she responded with a question:

‘Where have you been resisting in your life?’


Where have you been resisting anxious one?

// Do you rock up to your work day in day out because it provides a stable income yet you have dreams of owning your own home business?

// Do you feel bogged down with your mortgage and see others jetsetting around the world and wish you didn’t have that financial money pit so you could just be carefree?

// Perhaps you’re in a relationship that just isn’t working but because you’re too scare to leave you stay. Just because.

// Maybe it’s you want to go on pharmaceutical medications for your anxiety but a small part of you thinks it means you’ve ‘finally lost the plot.’

// And just maybe you avoid telling your mum you’re going to counselling because she asked you ‘why are you going there? What’s wrong with you now?’

// Or maybe you throw yourself into your work or even your social life to avoid dealing with pain.

Whatever the case may be resistance will have you running, hiding and surviving like Katniss from the Hunger Games.

But what if like Katniss you could be prepared when all the crap hits the fan?


Guard yourself with armour.

  • This is your self care routine. As a Christian prayer and reading your Bible is important to helping you to understand the spiritual war you are facing. Perhaps for you it’s meditation or a coffee on waking. What is the one thing that is non negotiable for you to do each day? The one thing that helps you to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Drop your to-do list

  • Strip it all back. Write out what needs to be done. Scrub off what doesn’t need to be done. Drop your high expectations but in a good way. While I have been sick I have dropped the expectation of setting up my social media for the blog perfectly. I’ve dropped my need to answer and reply to everything at the drop of a hat. I’ve stopped writing content for my ‘Alleviate your Anxiety’ course. I need to heal and I can’t do that when I’m constantly working.

Make a list of what needs to be done to help

  • For me I purchased The Beauty Chef Cleansing pack so I can boost my antioxidants and therefore my immunity.
  • Look at your work and outsource stuff. We’ve hired a cleaner to help with making the place feel more zen.
  • I bought Kombucha to boost live probiotics to restore gut health after having antibiotics.
  • I’ve had regular Epsom Salt baths to help with the detoxifying process.
  • I’ve decided to have a blogging/newsletter break for a month.

With my health taking a beating like one of the poor characters out of the Hunger Games I’ve now gone into recovery mode. I have decided to have a month officially off from the blog and the newsletter to ensure I can restore myself back to good health. I will be still coaching my  clients at this time and I am still taking on clients but the places will strictly be limited.






If you want to be able to let go of your to-do list because it is in fact suffocating you rather than giving you life then get on a call with me: I can help you feel like a weight has been removed from your shoulders and get you on your way to feeling more calm and ready to face any Hunger Game typed scenarios that may come your way. Are you in?

How can you tell when you have been resisting? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you. Please share using the buttons below if you loved the post.