Month: September 2016

  • When you want your anxiety to feel more like a cappuccino than an aeropressed coffee.

    Flynn coffee date

    So today I’m going to talk to you about something I’ve noticed you’re frustrated about. So frustrated like the way I am when I find out my favourite coffee shop is closed on a Sunday morning and the only thing left to do is grind my own beans and put it through the Aeropress.

    Now even though the Aeropressed coffee is pretty sweet, there’s still that frustration there because I wasn’t actually able to go to my fav coffee shop to purchase my large cappuccino in those giant blue cups they provide. You know those ones that are as large as your head. I don’t get to just get away from it all for a moment. I’m left sipping my Aeropress coffee in my fav cup in the size of my 18 month’s old head instead. It’s too small and even though it’s super cute, sometimes there’s something about getting out and about, having the coffee made for you and just savouring the moment.


  • 5 Ways you can survive Mamahood even if you have anxiety!


    I see you over there sitting on your couch, curled up under the blanket as your child watches another episode of Giggle and Hoot. Guilt washes over you like a tidal wave. You feel bad that you’ve left them in front of the t.v yet you only just played with them. You have the lego mark on the bottom of your feet to prove it.

    It can be tough being anxious and a mum. The questions come for you continually ‘Am I going to screw up my child?’, ‘Is he going to ruin his eyes watching too much T.V’ and ‘Maybe I should just let him cry it out’ bombard your mind.

    It doesn’t help that people around you are also asking questions of you. Questions that make you doubt your ability as a mum. Questions like “Is your child sleeping through?” “Oh you rock your child to sleep tsk tsk” or “Aren’t you putting them into day care yet? They need the socialisation.”


  • Why I hired a cleaner (and how you too can ask for help?)

    Can't do everythingEverywhere you look it’s like a tornado has whirled through your house. There’s toys all over the place, clean washing piling up in the baskets and clumps of hair all throughout the house.

    If you’re anything like me it can sometimes feel like the to-do list with cleaning is never ending. It seems like you clean one area and then you look back over and it’s like someone has ransacked your house.

    Totally frustrating and can add to overwhelm huh?


  • 3 Ways to Declutter (and avoid overwhelm as an anxious lady).

    frustrated girl

    Since I mind detoxed about a fortnight ago I have really seen the knock on effects of letting go of my ex. (If you missed it you can read the blog post HERE).

    :: I’ve stopped craving sugar (and now lost nearly 3 kgs).

    :: I feel much more zen and have stopped rushing around.

    AND for some weird reason I’ve had this desire to really declutter my home all of a sudden.

    Which got me thinking. Could clutter be the sign of an anxious mind? Or is it just the way I’ve been? I’ve always been this person who can let an area go untidy but after a while it has to be cleaned and put back to order. My desk at work (where I still work 2 days as a high school teacher), I will clear at the end of the day as I want to come back to a clean workspace.