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As we pulled up to the holiday house located at the beautiful Sunshine Coast, I knew I could completely unwind. It was just Dave and I for 2 and a bit days while Flynn was being babysat by his grandparents and then Flynn came to join us for the remaining 3 days.

The beach shack was located right on the beach at Warana. I could hear the waves splashing up on the shore. Like a lullaby hushing me, it soothed any anxiety I was feeling. Then we settled in for a night of watching the Olympics! I hardly get to watch t.v (well I choose not to) but this felt so good.

We got to eat out at a beautiful Italian restaurant the next night and warmed not only our hearts but also warmed our tummies with delicious food and mulled wine. It was so so good.

What I wasn’t expecting though was to heal completely from the memory of my missing ex husband. You see that weekend I was also completing my Mind Detox training. Mind Detox is all about getting to the root cause of our beliefs and any physical and emotional challenges we might be facing.

So right there, at my favourite beach in Australia (Coolum Beach) I let him go.

How was I able to do that?  And why wasn’t I able to fully release up until that stage?

If you want to know all the in’s and out’s of my story you can read it HERE.


Through the method of mind detox I realised that I had a belief that I had instilled from a young age that wanted to just feel loved. My ex was that next significant person who gave it to me and therefore my brain would not let go of it until I healed that memory from the root.

My brain was also keeping me safe by making me think I had to mindlessly work or scroll through the internet. I noticed also that once I went on medication back then that I would eat mindlessly as well. Sugar being the thing I craved the most.

As I released the memory, and as I acknowledged that all I wanted was to feel that deep passionate love and once this was recognised I was able to install the new learnings. I felt my tears just erupt forth like a powerful volcano. This was my moment.

Now just to clarify. Of course I feel deep, passionate love from my husband and my gorgeous wee nearly 1 and a half year old. What my brain was doing however, was attaching meaning to the first experience, and that was with my ex. With that wired in, I had conditioned myself to hold on and anxiety took a massive hold of my life.


The knock on effects this week?

//I have felt ohhhh so much more chilled.

//I haven’t craved sweets.

//I haven’t felt the need to be constantly stimulated by electronics!

Ummm hello? How amazing is that?

Does it mean I don’t ever experience anxiety again? I’m not sure. I haven’t had time to test that out yet. I do know that when we went to the markets this morning I did feel overwhelmed by how many people were there and I just told Dave to keep driving instead of parking BUT I didn’t feel that absolute pit in my stomach like I usually would.


All I can say is I can not wait to share this method with you ladies. Once I’ve completed all of my case studies I will have full accreditation as a Mind Detox therapist and you can experience the method for yourself.

You can also still coach with me (regardless of the mind detox training or not), and learn how to alleviate your anxiety even without the mind detox accreditation as I am still a qualified and internationally certified coach.


If I had one thing to share with you today is:

While there is still breath in you there is always HOPE.

I know the anxiety you are experiencing can be crippling at times. It can absolutely suck hey?

I know what it feels like to not want to leave my couch and just to live vicariously through a screen because heck, that feels safe, and anxiety makes us feel like there are so many unknowns.

No matter where you are at right now, there is still hope. You are still here. You are made for such a time as this.

God has a massive and amazing plan for your life, even if the ashes don’t feel so glorious right now.

It starts with one breath, one step, and having hope.

That’s all you need to know right now.

If you feel like you need someone to be accountable to and you want to experience the same lightness I did when I healed that painful memory, get on a call with me:  Places are limited.






Have you healed a memory that was making you feel anxious? If you feel safe to comment below, I’d love to hear from you. Please share the post using the buttons below if you loved the post.