frustrated girl

Throwing the heavy nappy bag (Adidas sport’s bag cause I’m that trendy) over my shoulder, keys in hand, toddler on hip, I open the door to head out to my brow waxing appointment. (I know, exciting huh).

As I open the door the waft of Flynn’s poo hits me in the face.

Dudeeeee. Really? Now? I’m running JUST right on time to make it to my appointment.

I unlock the door, throw the bag down and head back in to clean the wee toddler.

Realise there are exactly 2 wipes left.


Make the best use of those 2 wipes, every inch used carefully.

Head back out door and drive out to the appointment.

See a pile of cars up the hill and pack at bottom of hill.

Start thinking about how much it is going to hurt to push the stroller up the hill after the epic crossfit session  you went to in the morning.


Make it up hill. Notice the Brow Bar sign has been removed. Think, ‘that’s odd.’

Head to the door. Notice the ‘we have moved’ sign. I’m at number 84 and I’m supposed to head to 22.


Anxiety starts going into overload. I ring the number in my phone. Disconnected.

I remember someone had tried to call the other day from the place and ignored it. Why? Because I hate phones and figured I had hit the ‘yes’ on the generic sms sent out to me so I didn’t have to return the call.


Call that number in a fluster and advised to walk down the street as it would be quicker than going to massive hill, putting toddler in car, driving, parking and then getting toddler out of car.

Start power walking down the street. Another mother is in my path, toddling along with her baby in the stroller.

Finally find a space to go around her and rock up at the place. There’s a massive ledge. I lug the stroller up over the ledge and a lady offers to open the heavy door.

My words start rapid firing forth from me about I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t realise, Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh my gosh I need water (from all that powering up the hill), and so on.

I look around me and see the chairs are a lot closer to each other than the last place. I feel a little claustrophobic.

It takes me about 15 minutes for my pace to slow down.


Anxiety can really suck hey?

Recognise yourself in my situation?

Here’s the thing.

I know what to do when anxious but sometimes my mind just does its own thing.

Sure, I could have stopped and just taken a few deep breaths before heading down the street.

I could probably have slowed my walking pace as well but sometimes Anxiety doesn’t let you do that does it? It has a mind of its own.

Dear one, your journey is unique to you. Celebrate the moments when you’ve dealt with anxiety well but also recognise when it has gotten the better of you. Once you’ve recognised the anxiety time yourself and allow your worrisome thoughts to be processed (15 min) and then make steps to move forward before it gets you sucked into the vortex.

Yes, we need to talk shadows. Yes we need to feel all of our feelings in their entirety (P.S You can read my debut Huffington Post article on that HERE). Let’s not dwell there too long.

How does your anxious mind play out? Does it try to control the situation? Do you melt down when something unexpected has happened? Comment below and let me know what you have done to move through those feelings of anxiety?

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