Month: August 2016

  • How to release your anxiety? (Hint: Get to the root cause).

    freedom girl

    As we pulled up to the holiday house located at the beautiful Sunshine Coast, I knew I could completely unwind. It was just Dave and I for 2 and a bit days while Flynn was being babysat by his grandparents and then Flynn came to join us for the remaining 3 days.

    The beach shack was located right on the beach at Warana. I could hear the waves splashing up on the shore. Like a lullaby hushing me, it soothed any anxiety I was feeling. Then we settled in for a night of watching the Olympics! I hardly get to watch t.v (well I choose not to) but this felt so good.


  • How do you let go?

    20160814_143658As women with anxiety it is so easy to hold onto everything that comes into our lives.

    Sometimes it can be physical, like keeping that battered folder with ‘that Dawson’s creek guy’ on it because it reminds you of the ‘good ole days’ before anxiety hit you in the guts and made you run for the toilet.

    Perhaps it’s just the question that keep peppering you after that event you went to on the weekend:

    ‘Oh my gosh I hurt her feelings. She was scowling at me after I offended her.’

    ‘I said something stupid.’

    ‘Ugh I rambled on and on again when she said nice dress. Why did I go into the price of the dress, where it was made, and how stoked you were that it was ethically sourced?’


  • Anatomy of an Anxious Mind

    frustrated girl

    Throwing the heavy nappy bag (Adidas sport’s bag cause I’m that trendy) over my shoulder, keys in hand, toddler on hip, I open the door to head out to my brow waxing appointment. (I know, exciting huh).

    As I open the door the waft of Flynn’s poo hits me in the face.

    Dudeeeee. Really? Now? I’m running JUST right on time to make it to my appointment.

    I unlock the door, throw the bag down and head back in to clean the wee toddler.

    Realise there are exactly 2 wipes left.