One week into taking my anxiety medication and I’m feeling great. Now that my energy levels have perked up I can now concentrate on incorporating other beautiful rituals into my day to continue to nourish my body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes it takes getting away, even for a day to be intentional about mindfulness.

Mindfulness, it’s a buzz word lately isn’t it? To the anxious this means to focus on something else outside of the anxiety.


// Meditation


// Gratitude (Giving Thanks)

// Nature


Today that was nature. I find I have to remove myself from my home to finally get away from the temptations to work.

So on this beautiful Sunday morning we wagged church to spend time with God out in nature. (We don’t take that lightly by the way. It’s not an every weekend thing).

We had hot chocolates and a chocolate soufflé for morning tea. My 16 month old was delighted by the strawberries and chocolate it was accompanied with. Looking at him as he enjoyed these chocolatey treats is another lesson in mindfulness. The childlike awe that we often lose as we get older. I mean, he didn’t care if he smeared it all over his face. He doesn’t care about putting on weight. He just simply enjoys and takes it all in.

From there we headed to Nobby’s Beach which is on the Gold Coast.

I dug my feet into the sand. I watched as my boys dipped their toes into the cool water.

I smiled as Flynn threw the sand around himself. You know, cause he’s not worried if his life gets a little messy right?

Then we enjoyed delicious fish tacos and I washed it down with a Taylor Swift smoothie. (Yep, that’s what it was called. It was a caramel protein smoothie).

Nobby's Beach

By that time little man was losing his shiz. He was over tired and cranky.

Getting him into the stroller he pulls out the ‘stiff as a board’ maneuverer. We manage to stay calm and get him into the stroller.

He conks out in the car within 5 minutes.


Sometimes life is like that isn’t it.

We need to get out from the usual day to day to experience the pure bliss of a new environment.

We need to leave our temptations behind to just ‘be.’

To see the world with childlike wonder (the world we used to see before anxiety took a grip of us).

To get messy and to not give a damn what other people think about us.

And when it’s time, we’re cranky and over tired but we’re just too stiff as a board to lie down,

God simply says ‘Come, rest on me.’

Anxious one, last week I reminded you to ask for help. (You can read that post HERE). This week is simply about finding ways to rest and to be mindful.

How can you do that today? Just one thing.






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