This week was pretty mammoth (felt woolly too!). Flynn and I were sick last week so I ended up rescheduling a whole heap of appointments and putting them into this past week. Needless to say I felt quite overwhelmed.

What do you do when you have a busy week ahead?

Here are some tips:

Timetable, Prioritise and Re-evaluate.

Map out all of your appointments and events onto a calendar. I have a whiteboard one rather than a digital one as I like to have it in a place where I can see it clearly rather than have to go back and forward to a document on a computer or phone.

Now look over your calendar.

Are there things in your calendar that are non negotiables? Why are they non negotiables? (Example- a work deadline).

What could potentially be rescheduled? (Example – a brow wax).

How can I make things in the calendar less complicated? (Example – I had to run an amazing race style activity at school this week.) Being a creative I had a stack of ideas but with time ticking away I ended up saying to myself ‘Make it less complicated.’ Instead of creating too many activities, I wrote questions and riddles. The activities I did do were easy to assemble and didn’t require me to purchase materials.


Ask for help

As anxious women we love to think about all the things that need to get done but we also tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it done because we want things done a certain way or we want the credit for it. (Hello, wound. The need to be seen as accomplished).

Ask for help.

I mentioned to my dear friend Kimberley that I felt like I was melting down. She offered to come over. She even offered to help prep dinner with me if that would help. Together we sat down and just went through everything. Turns out we had actually done most of the hard work but we needed to do one more thing. Which brings me to the next step.



When you have a busy week, delegate. Once Kimberley and I had sorted out the amazing race clues and the activities we sent emails onwards to our fellow work colleague to print out the passports and to announce the rules on the day. Getting him to print out the passports meant that Kimberley and I didn’t need to be at work as early. I also managed to get another work colleague to pick up prizes (fair trade chocolate), which meant I didn’t have to stop by the shops.


Create your Sanctuary

Create a space in your home which is your sanctuary. A place you can go to when you feel overwhelmed and just need 1 minute of bliss and calm.  I have a space in my room that has a wedding picture on it, a candle, my journal and Bible, some essential oils and some affirmation cards. When I am feeling a little overwhelmed I can take myself to my sanctuary, apply essential oils and take 10 deep breaths in and out. Or I can journal. Or pray. Whatever it is that can help bring me back to a place of love and calm.





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