First of all, let me say “Happy 2nd Birthday” to me! It’s my blog’s birthday. It’s exactly 2 years since I published my first blog post. I remember how long it took me to write that post (I think it was 2 months on and off and lots of editing) and now I can knock a blog post out within an hour if I’m not facing resistance.

I have had moments of extreme joy (when I got my first paid client), and I have had low moments (like when I was slandered on the internet and the information was completely false).

Through it all I (and my blog) have grown and evolved.

I’ve gone from “The Butterfly House” (which was initially named because I was studying Naturopathy at the time and was going to open up a clinic when I finished) to using my own name as the ‘brand’. However, you will also start to see “Beauty from the Ashes” phrasing take place around here as it fits more in line with what I do which is work with anxious women to manage their anxiety so they can live their life to the full.

I’ve gone from Spirituality Coaching with lots about natural health, to social anxiety coaching to now anxiety coaching with spirituality holding her hand. (Because your spiritual practice is your missing link to being able to live your life in a way that feels free).

What I do now with coaching women with anxiety absolutely excites me! I cannot wait to reveal more soon.

In the early days I took on clients because I was desperate for testimonials and practice. This meant I didn’t always take on the ideal ones. This saw me being screwed over on many occasions (which I have learnt from very quickly from I must say). I had people not pay me and I took on a client who wasn’t ready for coaching. Both experiences were not cool but have taught me who I actually want to work with.

Now I have amazing clients who are perfect for me. Right now I have the most gorgeous women on board and I am so proud of them and what they are achieving.

So how do I run a business with anxiety? (And how you can go to your job and manage your anxiety). Here are 4 tips:

Let people know about your anxiety

I found that once I let a few safe people into my life at work (as you know I also work as a teacher while building up this biz) it made the world of difference. I could tell them I was having a bad day. I could go to one of the ladies and let her know I was having a meltdown which meant she could have my classes covered.

Speak up. You are not crazy.

Repeat that to yourself.

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY (even if you feel like it at times).

You don’t have to announce it to everyone like it’s a Christmas message. (Unless you want to of course). Just tell those who you feel safe to tell. Share with them your anxiety triggers and let them hold you to account if they see you melting down.


Set Reasonable Expectations

Anxious people are typically perfectionists. Hands up if you know what I mean?

In fact, even when I had Flynn two weeks early I still knocked out blog posts because I hadn’t had time to schedule ahead. I didn’t want to let my newsletter subscribers down because in my head ‘I needed to be consistent otherwise no one will find me!’

Next time I have a child I have decided I will be having a proper break and not blogging 11 days after I have had a kid in my tired stupor! (and I had blogged 3 days before too).

I also work a lot. On returning back to my teaching job 2 days a week I started working with Amy Taylor- Kabbaz from “Happy Mama” and she guided me to figure out a baseline. What is the minimum I need to be doing here? So I’m happy if I have 1 blog post and my newsletter sent out each week. That’s it. Anything else on top is a bonus.

Ask yourself, where are you setting unrealistic expectations? What can you drop? What would be a more nourishing expectation for you? What’s your baseline?


Have breaks

Take holidays. Don’t wait until you’re burnt out to do it. They are a great way to re-energise.

Take breaks at your work. Set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve and when it is done go and make yourself a cuppa or listen to a meditation.  Get out of the office and eat out under a shady tree. Go for a walk. Do something so you don’t feel overwhelmed in your workplace.


Set Boundaries

Set boundaries for yourself and what you will and will not allow in your business and in your personal space.

For me my boundary is that I always meditate for 3 mins at the beginning of the day. It’s a non negotiable. I need to have those 3 mins of stillness to feel ready to face the day. (P.S It wasn’t always that way).

Another boundary I have is for my bully. I no longer over explain anything to her. I don’t write back to emails any more unless it is absolutely necessary. I’m no longer giving my power away to her by the use of many words.

For you it might be you leave work on time. Or perhaps you have an app set on your computer that turns everything off at a certain time so you aren’t tempted to stay and work longer.

Whatever you do, set healthy boundaries. Your anxiety will thank you for it.






So because it’s my birthday I am running a giveaway. I’m giving away a copy of Brene Brown’s “Rising Strong” book + a 1 hr coaching session with me! That’s $180 worth of free goodies. Rising Strong is a book about ‘what it takes to get back up again and owning our stories of disappointment, failure and heartbreak.’

Image Credit: Bloguettes Book Club

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P.S If you’d love help managing your anxiety at work or just in every day life get on a call with me: I would love to explore how you can feel a peace about your working day and provide you with strategies to ease your anxiety. Are you ready?