So I noticed there were a few new subscribers (oh hey there gorgeous) so I thought for those we were new around the digs just to fill you in on what is happening.

  • You might notice that some of my branding isn’t matching parts of what you see around here. That’s cause I’m too impatient to set up a test site and I’d rather just do things gradually. Ya know. Cause I’m super excited about some new changes and I want you to know too.
  • The Butterfly House name is going. The tag line on my header is going. I called it that when I was studying Naturopathy and thought I’d eventually open a clinic. I realised science and I just don’t get on and as fascinated as I am with natural health it just doesn’t light me up the way life coaching does. I’ll buy the natural deodorants, I’ll guzzle the herbs but I just don’t want to make them. As far as my tagline, the whole soulful coaching for savvy women came about because frankly I just needed another ‘s’ adjective to go with soulful (face palm lol). I work with you whether you’re savvy or not. Reality is I’m a coach for women with anxious dispositions. I am here for those women who are ready to move forward after having experienced anxiety/depression/trauma. They want to pick themselves up and start to tentatively move back into life again. You know what. I know how to guide you to start to love who you are, bless the dark times you’ve been through, and plan again. I am all about the forward motion, and the deep acceptance of who you really are after all you’ve been through. If this sounds like you then send me an email:
  • My about me page still reflects the old theme of being a spiritual rebel. It’s still applicable. The story is still me but if you’re confused just know the page is getting cleaned up BUT I am still me in the story. Nothing has changed there.
  • New coaching packages are up on the website now. Again. It may be a little clunky or not set out graphically appealing just yet but again I’d rather you all know what it is I do now then my old stuff. Want to know more? Head HERE.
  • I am still coaching clients and am open for biz 🙂 Having said that I’m nearly full up with clients again so I suggest you get in now while you have the opportunity. I am going to have to start waitlisting.
  • I’ve just enquired to get some graphic design work done (Squeal). I’m getting my logo designed girls!  And getting a brand inspiration board done as my first lot of projects. You’ll start seeing some consistency with fonts and colours.
  • I’m creating a new opt in to match the fact that I am coaching women who have anxiety.  It’s an ‘Ease Your Anxiety’ meditation. How beautiful is that? Unhermit Yourself will go into the Freebie Vault so you can still access it. Are you on my newsletter list? Head on and enter your details into either the box above or below. Make sure you confirm you subscription and you’ll have access to all the free resources as they get uploaded.

I think that is it.

Are you excited about the new changes? What would you like to see happen here on the site? Comment below and let me know.